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Human Scervice Scenario Analysis

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Site Visit Report
Ashley L Butler
BSHS 312
May 20, 2012

Site Visit Report
The site this writer has chosen is a private non-profit corporation that was made for the people of the Waianae coast, to meet the community’s needs. “Hale Na’au Pono is a Hawaiian name that means the house for inner balance” this program provides culturally and socially sensitive, community-based, behavioral health service for children and adults. This writer had a chance to work for the company while exploring things that she was not aware of as far as cognitive behavioral techniques or programs used. In this writers walk through we will explored the purpose of the program and the population ...view middle of the document...

It is basically information that comes from the therapist or psychiatrist and information pertaining to the individual’s history of mental illness. It can also include medication that the individual is currently taking and if the individual is a high risk client. The intake worker gathers all necessary information to make a smooth transition into the agency while still obtaining all possible information to help prepare clients for success. After the intake process and evidence have been shown that the patient is mentally ill they are assigned a case manager and a psychiatrist. Together along with the client they will develop a treatment plan with goals that needs to be achieved to help the individual to reach their goals.
Depending on the individuals situation they will determine a need for a program, this is usually during the intake process when information is gathered. The individual will then be assigned a case manager that will work with the individual in preparing a treatment plan and short term and long term goals. Usually the treatment plan will be developed with the client, the case manager and a psychiatrist if the individual has one. The case manager then over sees the individual along with the help of whoever else is on board for the success of the client. The effectiveness of the program is them measured by how the individual met their short term and long term goals that were established by the client case manager’s team.
Hale Na’au Pono has more than one program that is offered. Some of the services are adult mental health, adult substance abuse, child and adolescents services and family and community services. A good example that this writer can give would be a group home which is offered for adolescences as well as adults. These group homes are for individuals that are not able to function in the community without structure. This program offers psychiatry, nursing, psychotherapy and promotes community integration. Some group homes are eight through sixteen hours some are twenty-four hours depending on progress of individuals. These group homes teach basic living skills such as making breakfast in the morning, conducting personal hygiene and cleaning. Also medication management is provided and a residential plan is developed.
Other programs or an intervention that Hale Na’au Pono has that uses behavioral/cognitive models and techniques would be Individualized and group therapy. Group therapy is when a number of people meet together with an individual that is professionally trained as a therapist this program is designed to help themselves and each other. Hale Na’au Pono also offers psychiatric services for...

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