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Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) is a service base company that provides air transport services. It started in 1947 with a small air service that have just one twin engine Air Consul into an award-winning airline with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft that operate as the major airline flight from several different destinations.
The business plans of Malaysian Airlines focus its vision in being the preferred premium carrier. To become the bearer that undertakes the professional conveyances that serve the best service for their customer and people. The footing or base setted is to provide a trademark and branded customer experience, continuous operational improvement and ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the Airline is determined to successfully identify those with potential and talent to fulfill its future management needs. This process incorporates the identification, selection and development of a pool of human resources that will provide a steady and reliable supply of well-trained workforce for various management positions.

Functions and Practices Analysis
Recruitment, Placement and Talent Management
In every country any airline company mostly seeks individual or employees with a passion for traveling, outgoing personalities and also able to work with people on a daily basis. Malaysia Airlines proved no any different between employees and consistently looks for employees to include the spirit of flying to see the world will provide an incredible customer service. According to Malaysia Airlines under the corporate info for careers, the vacancies at Malaysia Airline they need the candidates who are dynamic and highly motivated to contribute to the growth in the airline industry.
The nature of job analysis, Malaysia Airlines has followed the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirement of a job and the kind of candidate which should be hired for a company as an employee. By used job description, Malaysia Airlines able to list a job duties and each of responsibilities for employees. Talent management of Malaysia Airlines formulates, establish, succession planning strategy that enables the company to recruit, identify, retain and develop identified talents in line with company goal and objective. The Malaysia Airlines hours of operation are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Airlines and airport job description to be filled in Malaysia Airlines through the vacancies that offered to the candidate positions such as pilot, cabin crew member, flight attendant, customer service agent, station agent, ticket sales agent, travel agent, human resources specialist, HR specialist, travel document checker, project manager, legal advisor, quality assurance analyst, airlines flight instructor, manager of Airport affairs, flight dispatcher, maintenance controller, maintenance technician, security guard, air traffic controller, baggage handler, maintenance worker, shift manager, and manager of station training.
Malaysia Airlines also offering to the potential candidates to email application and resume to review for possible employment. All candidates should ensure all the information remains current, accurate and complete. Candidates required checking over spellings, contact information and applicable based on work history and experiences before sending the resume. If possible, candidates able to highlight related work experiences and hobbies to meet the job description. Malaysia Airlines has offered their recruitment for every year to select potential candidates. A standard minimum hiring age for candidates for Malaysia Airlines is 18 years old onward. The candidates should possess at least with Sijil Peperiksaan...

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