Human Resources Management Plan And Job Aids

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Executive Summary
As in administrative assistant you expected to exercise considerable independent judgment in solving the most difficult and sensitive issues related to area of assignment and performing a wide variety of para-professional duties with minimal supervision. All assistant are to perform there duties and the company will offer training courses for learning new abilities that will help you in the future. All employees will go through the interview process to see which person will fit with the company and who will bring something fresh to the company.
The company will give information health and benefits. US Mortgage prides itself in have the best employee benefits to offer ...view middle of the document...

Job analysis is often used to gather information for use in personnel selection, training, classification, and compensation.
The administrative assistant or executive secretary is someone that can perform a wide range of administrative, clerical and office support such as:
• Microsoft office
• Manage calendars
• Assists in phone reception for executive and administrative departments
• Prepares and coordinate mail, faxes, and express packages.
• Provide filing assistance
• Provide clerical/administrative support
• Performs photocopying and other production services
• Advises supervisor of any issues to ensure excellent customer service
Secretaries might manage all the administrative details of running a high level conference or arrange the catering for a typical lunch meeting. Executives may also ask their assistant to take meeting minutes and prepare meeting documents for review. To record spoken information effectively a secretary has to learn a speedwriting or shorthand skill. Methods such as easy script, speed writing, and alphabetic shorthand are based on mastering a small set of abbreviating rules rather then memorizing individual abbreviations for each word offer a shorter learning curve. To be successfully today the administrative assistant must have a broad level of skills and be creative in managing new situations. Usually a 4 year degree in Bachelors of Arts is often preferred and a 2 year degree is usually a requirement.

Tips for the Selection process
One internal recruiting seeks applicants for positions from among the ranks of those employed in the company; most organizations try to fill positions with current employees. One external recruiting method is to bring people from the outside to the company such as looking for people on job boards or websites. When interview any of these employees whether within the company or outside you want to have a set of interview questions for the administrative assistant position.
• What are your greatest strengths?
• What are your greatest weaknesses?
• What are you looking for in a position?
• Why are you interested in this position?
• What do you bring to this job that others don’t?
• What motivates you?
• Where do you see yourself five years from now?
• What did you like most about your last job?
• What did you like least?
• Why did you leave, or why are you leaving your last job?
• What did you like least about your last supervisor?
• What kind of people do you find hard to work with?
• What kind of environment are you most comfortable in?
• Who else are you interviewing with?
• What do you know about this company?
• What is your desired salary?

Here is a list of the compensation, incentive, and benefit plans that will be given to all people wanting to fill the administrative assistant position:
• Base Salary: $35,000
• Bonuses: end of the month
• Social Security, 401K
• Student loan/tuition reimbursement
• Disability
• Healthcare:...

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