Human Resources (Introduction) Essay

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Human Resource Management ('HRM') is a new term of people management in the 21st century which formerly known as Personnel management. It defines as the administrative discipline of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization.
The scope management of Human Resources are as follows:-
1) Conducting job analyses;
2) Planning personnel needs and recruitment;
3) Selecting the right people for the job;
4) Orienting and training;
5) Determining and managing wages and salaries;
6) Providing benefits and incentives;
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The personnel policies and procedures of the organization are closely

linked with and make a major contribution to the achievement of corporate needs, goals, objectives and strategic plans. The corporate culture and organizational values may need to be changed or reinforced in order to get them accepted and acted upon.

The HRM model is characterized as being employee-oriented with an emphasis on the maximization of individual skills and motivation through consultation with the workforce so as to produce high levels of commitment to the corporate strategic goals.

In addition, HRM is concerned with integration and getting all the members of the organization involved and working together with a sense of common purpose. Any organization whether a business or an industrial needs four important resources (i.e. Money, Material, Manpower and Machine). Those resources not only for its growth and future development but also for its continuance and survival. Since Management is getting things done through the efforts of people, manpower management has also become a difficult task in fact without the productive efforts of human being, materials, and resources would be of no use. It even controls the application of other resources. For the efficient use of all the resources, the employment of a suitable human force is essential.

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