Human Resources Decision Making At Calgary Importers Ltd

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Seminar #: 1
Title: Human Resources Decision Making at Calgary Importers Ltd
Date: 13.09.2013
1. If I were the President of Calgary Importers limited and was asked to resolve the dispute, I would agree on the argument posed by the vice president of human resources; Rob Whitter. This is because of many reasons and one of them is the fact that he is part of the HR department, which is a specialized group within an organization with a primary focus of ensuring the most effective use of human resource management systems by individual’s managers and the organization as a whole. Given this issue to be HR related, Rob Whittier has brought up an idea of key decisions about IT policies being centralized in order to maintain consistency. In my opinion, this is a great idea because if key policies, which are general principles of action guiding the organization as a whole, are accessible through a ...view middle of the document...

This is because information is entered once into the centralized system and is frequently updated by all managers and is used in all branches of the organization. Given the Centralized system has all the data, managers can keep focusing on improving the overall business rather than focusing on different business aspects. This promotes consistency and could also increase the knowledge management of the manager as the process of capturing organizational knowledge for sharing and building more knowledge becomes easier as it is coming from a centralized source.
2. Given the Fact that the line managers have the authority to make decisions about people, they should not be deprived of their authorities to make human resources decisions. A compromise can be made in order to allow line managers make decisions consistently as it shows that line managers are responsible for the performances of their various branches. In order for line managers to make these decisions consistently they need to work together with the HR department. For Example, when planning general human resource tasks, the line manager can identify training needs of employees and the HR department can arrange comfortable training environments for the employees, the line managers can also work with the HR department in an activity like “Recruitment and Selection”. After the HR department plans and conducts hiring, interviews, and other job related activities, the line manager can then step in to integrate information collected by the HR department and make final decisions on hires. By working together like this, expertise, especially in the HR department will not go to waste.

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