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HRM 701 Notes
Issues faced today by HR Managers in Organization/ Competitive Challenges.
1) Competing, recruiting and staffing globally.
2) Embracing new Technology
3) Managing Change
4) Managing Talent/ Human Capital
5) Responding to the market
6) Containing cost.
Roles and Responsibilities of HR manager in Organization Today
1) Advice and counsel
2) Service
3) Policy formulation and implementation
4) Employee advocacy
Generally accepted steps in the strategic HR planning process
1) Mission, Vision, and Values
2) Environmental Analysis
3) Internal Analysis
4) Formulating Strategy
5) Strategy implementation
6) Evaluation and ...view middle of the document...

Generally accepted steps in the systems approach to Education, Training and Development
1) Conducting the Needs Assessment
2) Designing the training program
3) Implementing the training program
4) Evaluating the Training Program

Stages of Career Development
1) Preparations for Work – develop occupational self-image, assess alternative occupation, develop initial occupational choice, and pursue necessary education. ( Ages 0 – 25)
2) Organizational Entry – Obtain job offers from desired organizations, select appropriate job based on complete and accurate information. (Ages 18 – 25)
3) Early Career – Learn job, learn organizational rules and norms, fit into chosen occupation and organization, increase competence and pursue goals. (Ages 25 – 40)
4) Mid Career – Reappraise early career and early adulthood goals, reaffirm or modify goals, make choices appropriate to middle adult years, remain productive. ( Ages 40 – 55 )
5) Late Career – Remain productive in work, maintain self-esteem and prepare for effective retirement ( Ages 55 – retirement)

Errors that might be made by line Managers in conducting Performance Appraisal
1) Error of Central Tendency – A performance rating error in which all employees are rated about average.
2) Leniency or strictness error – A performance rating error in which the appraiser tends to give employees either unusually high or unusually low.
3) Recency Error – Based largely on the employee’s most recent behaviour rather than on the behaviour throughout the appraisal period.
4) Contrast Error – An employee‘s evaluation in biased either upward or downward because of comparison with another employee just previously evaluated.
5) Similar – to – me Error – Appraiser inflates the evaluation of a mutual personal connection.
Human Resources Management – The process of managing human talent to achieved an organization’s objective.
Corporate Social Responsibility – Is the responsibility of the firm to act in the best interests of the people and communities affected by its activities.
Human Resources Information System ( HRIS) – Is a computerized system that provides current and accurate data for purposes of control and decision making.
Reactive Change – Occurs after external forces have already affected performance.
Proactive Change – Initiated to take advantage of targeted opportunities.
Total Quality Management – Is a set of principles and practises whose core ideas include understanding customer needs, doing things right the first time, and striving for continuous improvement.
Six Sigma – Is a process used to translate customer needs into a set of optimal task that are performed in concert with one another.
Downsizing – Planned elimination of Jobs.
Employee Leasing – The process of dismissing employees who are then hired by a leasing company (which handles all HR – related activities) and contracting with that company to lease back the employees. OR Takes...

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