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Human Resources Essay

1293 words - 6 pages

Learning Team Assignment
Weekly Reflection
Minerva Smith
July 25 2009
Professor John Delano

Weekly Reflection

In Week Two, Paul was reintroduced to the concepts of a job analysis. According to Cascio (2010) a job analysis is the planned and systematic gathering of information about the tasks of jobs and the knowledge and qualifications necessary to perform those jobs. At first he struggled with the concept of the different aspects of collecting data for a job analysis. Now he is more comfortable with how job analysis data forms a job description and a job specification. The information learned on the functions of a job ...view middle of the document...

Just the other week we had an employee to submit her 2-week notice. As she get ready to post the job internally to find a replacement. Taursha discovered there was no job description. Taursha contacted her corporate office on several occasions for job descriptions specific to my facility and they did not have them saved. So now I am in the process of analyzing all of the positions we have in my facility to create concrete descriptions to have on file (Taursha Presley).
Ruth states, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is the most comprehensive civil rights law in a generation.  Based on the finding of Congress that people with disabilities have been "subjected to a history of unequal treatment and relegated to a purpose of not privilege political position.”  Its purpose was to extend to those with disabilities the same protections against discrimination than there are available to women and minorities of race and religion, protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Americans with Disabilities makes illegitimate discrimination in public and private employment, transportation, communications technology, and services to the public accommodation.
  Another requirement of the American with Disabilities Act is that employers make reasonable modifications to their facilities and equipment, always depending on the size of the company that employs to allow employees with disabilities to do their jobs. Additionally, the Act prohibits private businesses from discriminating against customers with disabilities and requires that all new buildings constructed, accessible to them. The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires that private businesses make changes that allow people with disabilities to enjoy the goods and services.  This law applies to every employee with disability, is applied to every private company, local and state government, individuals, staffing agencies, and unions organizations.  When this law is a complaint must be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Individuals seeking to file a lawsuit under this law must first submit a charge with the EEOC and before any federal or state deferral established by state (Ruth Tirado).
Peter states, A job analysis is a device or process used by a company or organization to create or fill a new job. It list the specific skills, education, and requirements for the position as well as the duties, responsibilities and pay levels for the position. According to the text Cascio (2010) a job analysis is the planned and systematic gathering of information about a tasks of jobs and the knowledge and qualifications necessary to perform those jobs (Peter Hiltibrand).
Peter is comfortable with this concept as I have used it to some degree in the past when he was a supervisor with a previous employer. The function of the job description is to recruit the right person for the position the company is attempting to fill. It is not always an easy task...

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