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Human Resource Strategies And Typology Of Careers

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Human Resource Strategies and Typology of Careers
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Human Resource Strategies and Typology of Careers
My former employer could be categorized as an academy strategy. The company falls under this category because of a number of reasons. An Academic Strategy is a company employing an approach of academy staffing (Herriot, 1992). The company I was working for, employed this strategy by their will to try and hire talented people who are entering the job market, especially young men and women who have just left college and seeking employment. This plan aims at grooming and mentoring the newly acquired recruits for a long term career and partnership with the company (Herriot, 1992).
In this regard, the company’s aim and goal are to look for these young people with potential and be able to develop them internally within the organization. Therefore, the company tries to encourage and ...view middle of the document...

Subject: Policy Changes
The Company’s leadership policies in regard to careers systems in this organization are fairly effective in the labor market so far. However, I would like to recommend some policy changes in order to help make the leadership policies effective. The internal movement of the executives is responsible for the strategy alignment of the company’s career system. Therefore, the executive may consider the retention of experienced employees and avoid turnover reduction.
The executive has the task of examining the individual personal variables and background of the recruits before hiring. Because of the company’s career system, young and talented people are given priority and considered for employment. However, to successfully hire competent people who will effectively contribute to the company growth, some of these policies have to be carefully reformed.
The company has to consider the recruitment of people from different categories. For instance, the company may consider recruiting of employees who are experienced irrespective of their talent perspectives. Some recruits have extensive experience in their line of professionalism from their previous employment. Integrating this experience into the company, could increase the company’s efficiency and the total volume of output. In addition, this will help cut costs incurred in training the new recruits.
The bigger resolution of this memo is to create a general theory of the careers system options available for this organization. Careful consideration and evaluation of these policies could lead to useful and effective hiring and increase operation effectiveness and general output of the company. This is because hiring new employees costs the company money, and need to be carefully evaluated carefully.

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