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Human Resource Processes In The Home Improvement Industry

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Human Resources Processes in the Home Improvement Industry

Lowe’s and Home Depot have been competing for the top spot in the Home Improvement Industry for years. Both companies are looking to recruit, train, and develop qualified employees, while maintaining competitive wages and benefits. Home Depot and Lowe’s have both had their fair share of issues when it comes to safety and health and employee labor relations; however, both companies have been working toward the goal of having a positive and successful work environment for their employees.
Lowe’s recruits over 60,000 employees in a single year. The recruitment of qualified employees is a very important process for the Human ...view middle of the document...

He had a big issue to deal with- recruiting 15,000 employees to fill customer service gaps within the company. Susan Hartman, of HireQuest, said that this would be a tough task since some of the positions are difficult to fill. Crow is said to have to reduce Home Depot’s part-time employees, and increase their full- time employees since the full-timers only make up 20% of its workforce. “Part-time workers are useful,” according to Jeff Sonnenfield, a Yale Business Management professor, “but they lack deep expertise and there’s high turnover, which are bad for service-oriented industries such as retailers (Ruiz, 2007).” Applicants at Home Depot have to pass a drug and background test just as they do at Lowe’s. Home Depot also does face-to-face interviews along with looking at both internal and external candidates. For both companies, there are a high number of applicants applying who all need jobs and careers, some more qualified than others. I think the real challenge is finding applicants for the more specific jobs who need a more experienced candidate. After the hiring process, the next step for both companies is to train its employees and evaluate its performances.
Lowe’s trains new hires with the New Employee Training Program which is computer-based. The program trains the new hires on store policies, safety, and the job they were hired for. The new employees are introduced to the store and how Lowe’s has grown as a company and its goals for the future. They then “meet with the CEO” and get introduced to the mechanics of Lowe’s through a video. The new employees will also have a Store Visit Experience which puts them on the front line in the store to allow them to see how the store works. There is then a Follow-up Session with the employees after their first 90 days to evaluate them and allow them to give feedback (“Training and development,” 2008). Lowe’s has just recently changed how it does its performance evaluation to a new program called STAR (Strategic Training and Review). This evaluation lets the employee evaluate themselves first, then after giving the evaluation papers to the corresponding supervisor; s/he will read it and do his/her evaluation of the employee. The employee will then meet with the supervisor and talk about his/her performance, for example, what they did well and what they can improve.
Similarly, Home Depot offers an orientation program for its new hires; however, it is structured a little bit differently. It has four different learning plans for its new employees, which include core product knowledge classes, sales and service classes, “how to” and operational process classes, and system classes. The training is done on computers, instructor led, and on the job, which is similar to Lowe’s training. Lowe’s and Home Depot both offer specialized training for new associates like kitchen selling and design and flooring sales and installations. Last year, Home Depot said it has trained more than 28,000 associates...

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