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Human Resource Practices At Tanglewood Essay

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Organization Overview and Mission

Tanglewood is a chain of general retail stores featuring items such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and home decor. The company operates in the moderate price niche, targeting middle- and upper-income customers. Tanglewood’s strategic distinction is an “outdoors” theme, with a large camping and outdoor living section in every store. The store also distinguishes itself by its simple, elegant, and uncluttered design concepts for the store and their in-house products.
The company’s mission statement is:
Tanglewood will be the best department store for customers seeking quality, durability, and value for all aspects of their active lives. We are committed as a company to providing maximum value to our customers, shareholders, and employees. We will accomplish this goal by adhering to the core values of responsible financial management, clear and honest communication, and always keeping ...view middle of the document...

” The first store’s unique merchandise offering and personable sales staff made them successful quite rapidly, allowing Emerson and Wood to move out of the back room and add several more stores during the late 1970’s. The merchandise offerings expanded over time to incorporate more conventional retail items, while still retaining the elegant, yet outdoors look for the stores overall.


Tanglewood is a 243-store, 36 year-old specialty department store chain located in the western US. It urgently needs to review their existing is in urgent need of staffing strategy and reorganize its HR strategy review and reorganization in order to maintain its current growth rate and projected expansion plans. Tanglewood’s current HR structure is highly decentralized, with each of the 12 regional managers having enough autonomy to vary from the general overall corporate direction. . The practice of allowing manages to develop individual processes is pervasive throughout Tanglewood’s corporate structure. It extends all the way down to the level of the department manager at an individual store. Each department manager formulates his or her own distinctive methods for running their specific departments. There is no consistency from department to department, store to store or region to region. This store specific department level strategy is developed in develops in a highly collaborative process with the employees that work in that department. Because of the participatory and decentralized nature of Tanglewood’s management practices, the HR and staffing functions have acted more in an advisory capacity than as a holistic process owner and manager.

Daryl Perrone, Tanglewood’s Staffing Services Director, has retained our firm as a consultant to assist with the analysis of Tanglewood’s current HR practices. Upon completion of our analysis, we are to provide a recommended framework for reorganizing Tanglewood’s HR function. Perrone and Marilyn Gonzalez, the Vice President for Human Resources and Perrone’s supervisor, are both recent hires. . Each has considerable HR management experience within the retail sector. Both worked for other retail operations in New York and the Pacific Northwest.

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