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Human Resource Policy Of Public Banks

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Overall Human Resources Management (HRM) scenario in the local public banks of Bangladesh and probable Recommendation

Bangladesh is a developing country and from the date of birth, it is having financially strong state owned banks / public banks. But these banks are not updating themselves as time passes and for that reason the present human resources of these banks are becoming obsolete in comparison with modern days banking concept. Most of the senior bankers of these banks are not technology oriented persons and they do have lacking of having modern banking concepts as well. From my professional banking experience, I have found some problems -
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• Most of the employees of different branches are not cooperative in knowledge sharing.
• Salary structure of the bank is poor than some of the leading banks.
• Most of the employees are not expert in using modern technology and also they are not interested to learn it.
• Till today many of the employees like manual system in banking activities.
Probable Recommendations to overcome present problems:
• Competence level of the employees should increase through training.
• Organizational culture should improve by changing employees' attitude as well as organization itself.
• Job rotation policy should strictly follow in the branch level.
• Transfer policy should be absolutely fair.
• Organizational behavior should be changed through non financial motivation process with financial motivation process as well.
• Employee recruitment in each and every level should be fair through open competition.
• Promotional policy should be attractive and competitive in comparison with the leading banks.
• Salary structure should be revised in comparison to the leading banks.
• All the employees should bound to learn the uses of modern technology and if any of them are not interested to learn, there should be a choice of negative motivation.
• Manual system should be resolved from the branches to meet the demand of faster customer services.
• Do the job analysis again and do the segmentation part optimally according to the existing efficient available employees.
• Do the job specification part very carefully and try to relate the computer literacy part according to different tasks.
• The third and fourth class employees are not that much relevant to the profit oriented working of the bank and most of them are not serious about their jobs and even they are not always available during the working period, but they are getting all kids...

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