Human Resource Policy Merger Plan. Paper Attempts To Specify The Plan For Merging Two Very Distinct Companies Hr Policies

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IntroductionMeeting the increasing needs of customers is a continual challenge in today's business environment. As companies try to increase their market share by providing more services, the methods in which they try to provide them can often undergo significant changes in the organizational structure, from adding new departments within the company, to acquiring other companies to provide those additional products and services. In this assignment, we'll discuss how a simulated merger of two shoe companies, Skechers USA, Inc., and Johnston & Murphy, Inc., integrate their respective human resource polices to accommodate their two separate organizational cultures. We'll provide a brief ...view middle of the document...

2003). They are publicly traded under the New York Stock Exchange symbol SKX.Johnston & Murphy, on the other hand, is a much less trendy shoe company, which traditionally targets an older, more conservative market. Founded in 1850 by an immigrant English shoemaker, Johnston & Murphy claims to "couple old world shoemaking techniques with new world style and comfort." Johnston & Murphy has made shoes for every U.S. president since Millard Fillmore, earning a reputation for fine materials, meticulous craftsmanship and enduring comfort (Johnston & Murphy, Inc. 1999). Today, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Johnston & Murphy claims to be one of the few companies in the world that makes a line of shoes entirely by hand. In addition to its catalogs and over 140 namesake stores and outlets, Johnston & Murphy footwear and clothing are available in more than 3,000 department and specialty stores throughout the world (Johnston & Murphy, Inc. 1999).Human Resources PoliciesIn order to meet its goal to "profitably grow worldwide operations," Skechers has developed several policies that facilitate global collaboration for its workforce (, 2003). These work policies include guidelines around Flex Time, Virtual Teams, and Tele-Commuting that support collaboration as well as the flexibility that Skechers' younger work force demands. In order to align with Skechers' growth goals and leverage its expertise around advertising and marketing, Johnston & Murphy will need to adapt to a new culture. To facilitate a rapid transition, workforce policies will be revised, training plans will be developed, and job rotation programs will be utilized.Work SchedulesSkechers' personnel work with 30 major distributors around the world, as well as offices and manufacturing facilities across the United States. Due to time and cost constraints, the company relies on collaboration from employees and partners through the use of virtual teams. These teams utilize Teleconferencing and electronic meeting software to allow teams to be represented from offices around the world. Crossing so many time zones, it would be unreasonable to expect the workforce to adhere to standard work schedules. Flex Time allows the employees to adjust their work schedules based on both their personal needs, as well as accommodation of meetings set up with virtual teams. It is essential that Johnston & Murphy be able to participate in a like manner once the merger is completed. It will require training, improved infrastructure and updated policies to accelerate the transition to a new business culture. To further speed up the cultural change and knowledge transfer, it is expected to strategically place key Skechers' employees at Johnston & Murphy sites.MentoringTo facilitate the successful integration of Johnston and Murphy employees and Skechers' employees the company will institute a formal mentoring program. Initially, those senior Skechers...

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