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Human Resource Plan Essay

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Build a strategic HR management program for a German company in which
most employees are Christian.

Nowadays, business becomes internationally over the world. People can come a foreign
country and setting up their business activities oversea. There are a lot of important
matters that need to be considered before opening business in the foreign country. Human
resource management (HRM) is one of such important matters that essentially contribute
to the furture business success. Building a strategic HRM program will be very neccesary
from the start for business establishment. The HRM shall be discussed in the following
paragraphs, especially for a ...view middle of the document...

Germany politic is relatively stable. This essentially contributes to the steady
development of German national business. Germany is also a founder member of the
European Union (EU) and takes an active part in the activities of all its subordinate
institutions. Germany has strict laws against unfair competition, protection of the
environment as well as protecting employees impressively.
Economic factors
Germany has a social market economy under controls and legal administration designed
by the government. Traditionally the German economy is oriented towards
manufacturing. Having a well-educated population and well-trained workforce are
German strengths for research and development, engineering and manufacturing sectors.
That explains Germany is a major exporting nation in the Europe, especially having many
popular global brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Porsche, Audi,
Volkswagen, etc. Germany has also a high tax rate, as a result the social insurance is very
high standard for German people. Germany inflation rate has recently decreased to 0.3
percent as of March 2015 (See chart below).

(Source: )
Social factors
Germany has around 80.5 million residents. This means it is the largest EU country in
terms of population. As mentioned above, Christianity is the dominant religion, with 65
to 70 percent of the population. Germany is a modern and multi-cultural country. The
society has a variety of lifestyles and different ethnic diversity. The family is the most
important social unit. Young people have really good relationships with their parents.
As mentioned above, Germany is a country having a well-educated population and welltrained workforce therefore German labour performance is at high level standard.
However German population is now getting older. Also Germany has a high employment
cost and unemployment remains a concern. (See below charts)

German Age Structure

(Source: (Source:
unemployment-rate )
ructure.html )
About German culture, there are a few of outstanding characteristics as following:
Punctuality – Germans are extremely punctual. They carefully manage the time,
calendars, schedules and agendas. For example, Germans want that trains arrive and
leave on time to the minute, projects are carefully scheduled, and organisation charts are
meticulously detailed. Coming late for an appointment or when meeting people is not
comfortably acceptable. Be 5 or 10 minutes early for important appointments is highly
recommended. If you are going to be slightly late, you should call ahead and explain your
situation. Time management can be considered German characteristic as most of them are
Additionally, in many respects, Germans can also be considered the masters of planning.
This is a culture that values forward thinking and knowing what they will...

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