Human Resource Management Strategy & Policy: Relationship Between Betty & Frankie

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1) It is relating to the international human resources management problems between Betty and Frankie. Although Betty and Frankie are grow up in Hong Kong but they are following a different culture at the same place. Betty was finished her study at Form Five and started her work after her succeeded in the secretarial qualification. She was worked at our company for the past ten years. On the other hand, Frankie was finished his high school at Hong Kong then got his first degree at London and a MBA from Harvard. He has great experiences in multinational company because he worked in London, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai before joining us. It is helping him to build up a good thinking, open mind and the importance of the relationship with other colleagues. Frankie is willing to change in order to assist him achieving the goal but Betty is not willing to change therefore she won’t cooperate with Frankie when he need to change the old style. Sometimes, the ...view middle of the document...

It’s not a reason for Frankie to replace Betty with a secretary of his choice. Moreover, Betty’s very active in the company’s staff welfare committee. It’s also proved that she’s get well with other colleagues. It is not fair to Betty if we replace her for those reasons. If we lay off Betty, she’s definitely not happy as she done her job well. We also may face the problem from Labor Department if asking them to give assistance. Furthermore, if we accept the suggestion from Frankie. It may effect the impression from other colleague to our company and Frankie. They may ask many questions for this issue. Is there any problem between Frankie and Betty? Why was Betty fired with a good performance? The upper managements have authority to kick out colleague if they don’t like him/her? Actually, it is so many problems may occur if we made a wrong decision on this issue and it must affect the morale for the colleague.
3) The problems between Betty and Frankie, the main reason I think should be the communication. Frankie is satisfied with Betty performance and he’s complaint Betty for other issue. It’s seem they are lack of communication and it’s made them are not know well each other including the pattern of working. We better to arrange a meeting for them with HR department attend. For both of them have a chance to express their thinking. It can help them to know each other more and more. If they can get a common consensus, understand the working pattern and both of them willing to cooperate. It’s really helpful to get a best solution and create a excellent team for the sales and marketing department. On the other hand, we should try to find out why Betty will fierce with some of the younger sales and marketing staffs. Any dissimulated problem between them? Is it really the fault on Betty to fierce with her colleague? We should try to find out the reason and the solution during the meeting in order to let all people feel comfortable in this company and avoid any misunderstanding between. I think it is a good solution for us to overcome this problem and build up a good image for the company.

Stone, Raymond J (2008): Human Resources Management, sixth edition, Milton: John Wiley and Sons

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