Human Resource Management Roles Essay

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Human Resources Management Roles
Sandra Graves
HCS/341 Human Resources in Health Care
August 26, 2013
Gregory Guntly

Human Resources Management Roles
The roles of the human resource management are paramount for a successful organization. There are nine functional roles that human resource management is responsible for in order to make the organization successful. The roles that will be discussed below are:
1. Recruitment and selection
2. Compensation and benefits
3. Regulatory compliance
4. Risk Management
5. Employee relations
6. Labor relations
7. Training and Development
8. Employee Health and Safety
9. Performance management
Each of these roles has a specific ...view middle of the document...

Risk management is an integral part of the human resource team. Risks must be identified and managed in order for a company or organization to be successful. Risks also need to be communicated to other managers within the organization so they can be eliminated as quickly as possible.
Employee relations are one of the major roles in human resource management. It is inevitable that problems will arise within organizations. Human resources will be required to get involved in disputes and settle every incident professionally. Having the ability to work with people and different personalities is of utmost importance for human resource staff.
When an organization is home to union employees, it is the responsibility of the human resource management team to assist in the negotiations of the union and the implementation of these negotiated rules. It is also the responsibility of the human resource team to ensure that the organization is abiding by the rules and regulations established by this agreement.
Training and development is a key contributor to retaining employees. The human resource management must ensure that training is sufficient for new hires or new processes and additional development is monitored and effective for the staff. If discipline is required due to failure to meet standards, the training and development programs must be sufficiently documented and records maintained for each employee.
Health and safety requirements for organizations encompass a variety of regulations. These regulations can be different...

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