Human Resource Management (Hrm) Practices Essay

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Human Resource Management (HRM) practices
However, the greatest impact on both service quality and productivity in hotels is likely to derive from efficient and effective HRM practices.
Recruitment is presently negligible in Indonesian and Malaysian hotels, but has become a crucial issue in Singapore (eg. Debrah, 1993) and Australia, in terms of both quantity and quality. Desperate situations require innovative solutions. The Singapore Grand has a comprehensive recruitment strategy, including the attraction of older employees, incentive employee referral programmes, hotel trainees from SHATEC, guest workers, and a mix of full-time, part-time, casual and “internal casual” employees. Australian hotels are in a similar situation. At least part of the solution to the staffing dilemma - ie., quantity but variable quality - may be in closer hotel management involvement in the curricula and accreditation of hotel training ...view middle of the document...

After selection, human resource management practices which assist the achievement of overall hotel objectives, ensure effective employee performance and encourage commitment and motivation, as in all industries, are the most productive. Thus all of the hotels studied conduct regular training for all levels of employees, both on the job and externally. The Seaview Resort is endeavouring to effect culture-change and enhance employee motivation by cross-exposure training between hotel departments, regular communication meetings and supervisory monitoring programmes. Management development and succession plans are also proposed. In similar vein, and closely associated with its new corporate vision, the Jakarta International’s personnel manager sees his role as a communicator, negotiator, and monitor, giving support to supervisors in their training and development functions.

As already discussed, the Penang Resort has a comprehensive and sophisticated training and communication programme, predicated on its “Service First” and “Moments of ‘fluth” emphases. Both this hotel and the Jakarta International are exploring the effectiveness of employee “empowerment” approaches, and both have limited job enlargement and selective job rotation schemes. Neither the Seaview Resort nor the Singapore Grand have embarked on multi-skilling, job rotation or employee empowerment schemes.

Performance management systems are used at the Jakarta International and the Penang Resort, but only occasionally elsewhere. Pay for performance is not common, at lower-level, in any of the studied hotels, although senior management are often contracted.
The “Quality Maid” scheme used by some hotels increases the tasks and responsibilities of housekeeping staff, and the generic “Guest Relations Officer! Guest Service Agent” title at the Penang Resort front office, are worthy of emulation at other hotels.
Industrial relations and wage differences between hotels in the region make comparisons difficult, but the opportunities for negotiation and enterprise agreements in Australia allow innovative hotels to include some of the above practices in return for reduced remuneration levels and increased productivity.

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