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Human Resource Management And The Workplace

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Human Resource Management and the Workplace
Cassandra M. Rhymes
BUS303: Human Resources Management
Professor Beverly Williams
April 26, 2010

Human Resource Management and the Workplace
Human Resource Management requires a careful balance and coordination between corporate policies, local, state and federal regulations, and employee rights within the workplace. This paper will review a few of the principles examined during this course and applied to current work environments. Specifically, this paper will review the effect human resource management has on planning within a company through hiring, planning, and recruitment through the use of compensation and other benefits that are ...view middle of the document...

As part of the compensation package, the benefits portion can influence the decision to join the company. Human resources uses a combination of pay, health insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, 401k and other benefits to compel a future employee to choose our company over the competition. However, the statute of limitations defined by the purchase agreement has elapsed, so a multitude of changes will be implemented in the third quarter. The human resources group must reevaluate the compensation package as they begin recruiting for vacant positions within our division.
To accomplish the changes necessary, the human resources group must now begin to evaluate the current procedures for recruiting new employees. With the unemployment rate hovering around 10% for the nation, the market for employees is saturated, giving companies a choice when filling vacant positions. Recruiting techniques evolved with the introduction of electronic databases capable of holding enormous volumes of resumes. The HRM group in our division no longer accepts a paper resume via mail; rather, applications are processed, sorted and stored in a database on the internet. Electronic storage allows the group to filter based on search words, allowing a database to seek and find candidates with the appropriate resume for vacant positions. As positions become available, the HRM group can sort through applications electronically stored to find candidates interested in the company. The ease of movement through the internet searches allows the HRM group to respond quickly to the needs of the company. The internet recruiting allows the company a flexible and expansive search of candidates in areas outside of the immediate location while increasing the pool of candidates for future vacancies.
The flexibility afforded by the electronic resume storage allows the HRM group the time to focus on the internal issues that inevitably arise within a company. The time once afforded to sorting resumes is now used for training, planning and development within the company while also allowing the company to build a database of contacts for future open positions. Additionally, the HRM group is now able to concentrate on the policies needed for the company to comply with local and federal regulations. This role is a necessary function for the HRM group. Guiding the company through the ever changing rules and regulations requires constant review of the laws and regulations. Our division has changed the role of one member of the HRM group to focus on the regulations and to train the management of our division on any regulation changes as necessary.
Once the changes to recruiting methods were changed, the HRM group was then freed to revise the benefits package. This package revision required the group to look at the paid time off plan and the health benefit plan. Recent law changes will impact the health plan over the next several years, but the HRM group decided...

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