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Personnel Management
Human Resource Management
Traditional method of Managing People
The modernistic method of managing people
Focuses on personnel administration, employee and labour relation
Emphasises on acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of Human Resource
Employee is seen to be an input for achieving desired output
Employees are an important and valuable resource for achieving desired output
Personnel function is undertaken for employee’s satisfaction
Administrative function is undertaken for goal achievement
More division of Labour while doing a job
Divide into groups/teams to accomplish a task/job
Less training and development opportunities
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(American Management Association.2000)

Like the human heart organisational purpose is more than just the centre of organisation it provides the lifeblood to the whole of the organisational system. The organisational purpose of the Societe Generale is to increase the profits of the business, to market the product, getting the brand name popular and expand their business and clientele. As stated above, managing of human resources plays a crucial role when it comes to increasing the productivity and the performance of a company. People or the employees working in the organisation contribute their knowledge and labour for the achievement of objectives. Human resource management selects the people from outside of the organisation who have the potential to support the organisations.

Therefore it is important for Societe Generale to keep all departments are up-to date by using different types of training such as an on-going training framework, care skills, health and safety, and legal and multi skill. Societe Generale should continue to promote equality and diversity at every level in the organisation. HRM should continue to motivate the employee and maintain employability and develop new skills in the business.

Question 1.3

Roles and responsibilities of line managers are important for an organisation to perform well. Societe Generale(SG) being a financial and banking services, have to take important decisions which can affect a lot of people lives. Therefore, it is the line managers which play a great role in the organisation, as they are the one who perform the HR related tasks. The latter fill out performance appraisal forms, interview candidates for employment, make salary increase recommendation and breaking employment related news, both good and bad to employees. It is important to balance the organisational needs with the individual’s expectations. Some employees will develop their career with one employer, while others require transferable skills. The manager requires employees with the right skills to ensure and sustain competitive advantage. Therefore emphasis is put on staff training to be able to incorporate the learning in the organisation. For the organisation to perform well, managers should see to it that staffs are well trained and motivated.

Question 1.4

The Human Resource Management has to protect the employees from unfair discrimination at the workplace. Societe General should select a systematic procedures and practices to ensure fairness and guard against unfair discrimination.

According to Sex Discrimination Act 1996 & 1997 and Race Relations Act 1976 & 1992 there should not be any discrimination gender or marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic, and national origin in the fields of employment.

According to employment Act 1996, there should be a contract between the employee and the employer, in which there are the contractual and statutory rights, protecting both parties.

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