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Human Resource Development Essay

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According to Megginson et al (2003) human resource development is the study and practice of increasing the learning capacity of individuals, groups and organizations through the development and application of learning interventions for the purpose of optimizing human and organizational growth effectiveness. Employee resourcing is concerned with the range of methods and approaches used by employers in resourcing their organizations in such a way as to enable them to meet their key goals. It therefore involves staffing that is recruitment, selection, retension and dismissal, performance that is appraisal and management of performance administration that is policy development, procedural ...view middle of the document...

This help in employee resourcing, Ministry of Agriculture also send its employees outside the country for training and development in countries such as China, Brazil to develop their area of expertise in agriculture. Skills shortage will require human resource development to attract potential candidates for example the mining industries embark on apprenticeship in areas of shortages. The moment when an employee has been hired, that is where the organization endorses their values and this is done in a way to support their learning culture.

Soon after the suitable candidates have been selected the company has to embark on development of new employee for them to settle quickly and meet organizational objectives for example at Zimra they run a developmental programme named graduate trainee for its new employee which is a very important aspect in employee resourcing. New employees are coached on how to perform their jobs effectively hence they develop an employee to a particular area. The organization ensures that when it comes to intellectual property, getting the best out to people is the organization’s task. There is the alignment at learning with business strategy to ensure that the organization remains competitive. Employees are encouraged to continue generating fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to maintain a competitive advantage.

The role of Human Resources professional is of paramount importance in facilitating the relationship between people resourcing and development. The integration of people resourcing and development enhances organizational effectiveness through adding value to the organization. Human resources development helps in reducing staff turnover and improving employee performance.

Human Resource department should be guided by the recognition that organization are increasingly affected by the pace of change, impacting on managerial perceptions of employees attitudes and behaviour hence they is need to continuously focus on human resource development. Managerial performance pressures, the employability, potential and aspirations of entrants to the labour market and the criteria of success applied to those engaged in employee resourcing all implies that employee resources professional must be aware of their organization’s strategic direction. They must be able to show that employee resource policies systems and procedures contribute to the achievement of strategic goals. Employee resource professional also need to be aware that their competencies need to address the future need of organization hence employee development comes in not just administering employee resourcing in line with legal and professional standards of fairness and good practice but adding value to the organization, as well as acting ethically.

Taking into consideration how globalization, global competition, increased employee diversity, in conjunction with information and communication technologies are driving changes to organizational structure...

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