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Human Resource Essay

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Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
Axia College University of Phoenix

A Document for Human Resource Professionals
Executive Summary :
I will lay down various aspects of the opening for the job of Cruise Director In this document.
This document will help the Human Resource Department to manage the employment
position of Cruise Director by assisting HR in choosing, training and developing employees and
helping the company to meet its goals and objectives.
 This document seeks to define the need-based vacancy for the position of Cruise Director, some
tips for the Selection Process that will ensure selection of the best candidates, Orientation Plans
of new employees ...view middle of the document...

In fact, it is not
unusual for new employees to spend time on several cruises as part of the entertainment staff, or
as an assistant to a seasoned cruise director. This period of applying accumulated knowledge
while under the watchful eye of a HR can make all the difference refining the skills required to
be a successful cruise director.
The training will include a number of basic techniques that are utilized in all types of customer
care. For example, the program may involve learning how to deal with difficult clients, what to
do in the event that some activity is not working well for the guests, handling last minute
changes to the cruise schedule, and responding to queries from the passengers.
Since this department is in charge of entertainment, they would have to always be cheerful,
polite and exude a positive attitude for the benefit of the passengers.
The Cruise Director will work as part of a team along with other professionals. Team-spirit and
team-work is essential. Hence they must have the ability to work as part of a team so that the
company's goals are met.
 Tips for the Selection Process :
The Selection Process is initiated by first undertaking a need assessment. The HR Department
must ensure that a vacancy actually exists, that a job description for the position exists on file,
that the duties and responsibilities are identified and that there are funds available to fill the
vacancies. After these basic questions are answered, HR must identify the qualities necessary in
the new applicant. Based on these required qualities the type of questions to be asked in the
interview must be framed. Knowing the necessary characteristics beforehand will help
immensely to decide the kind of questions to be asked. The Selection Tools to be used must then
be decided - whether there will be only interview or interview coupled with work trial and
whether there will also be a written test. The minimum qualifications necessary must also be
defined beforehand. The legal considerations are also very important - federal and state laws
governing fair employment practices, disabilities and general discrimination must be taken into
account to avoid any possible legal liability. Thus HR must take careful note of the following
points :
* Conduct proper needs assessment
* Lay down the minimum qualifications of applicants
* Define the characteristics necessary in a candidate
* Determine the Selection Tools to be adopted
* Comply with the various Federal and State laws for hiring
* Take care that the best-suited and qualified candidates are accurately identified
Following these Tips for Selection will help HR to ensure that the most qualified and best-suited
candidates are chosen from the pool of applicants. This will help greatly to hire the most talented
candidates and subsequent talent management will be easier and more productive.
Script for orienting new employees


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