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Human Resource Essay

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ContentsDescription Page1.0 Executive Summary2.0 About the Company 33.0 Organization Chart 44.0 Company's Goal & Mission 45.0 Current Employees Paid Structure and Rewards system6.0 Effects of Undercurrent Pay & Reward dissatisfaction ;5-6-Influences on Employees performance7.0 Performance & Appraisal 68.0 Rewards System 6-89.0 Remunerations & Benefits 8-1010.0 Training Development 1011.0 Conclusion 1112.0 References 12Appendix (Performance Appraisal)1.0 Executive SummaryHuman Resource Management plays a central role in creating organizations and helping them to grow and survive. Organizations, especially service industries such as hotels, airlines, legal firms, on the other ...view middle of the document...

It has came to the situation that there are two competitors firms offers 30 per cent above those pay offered by Winton Wynne Moore, there are able to poach some of the best high-flyers in the highly lucrative areas of mergers and acquisitions and taxation law, and the company now is facing increasing difficulty in attracting any of the latest batch of top-notch law graduates. I have reveals all the weaknesses and loopholes exhibit in current policy and now suggested several remedy actions to overcome the weaknesses and loopholes, which is corresponding to the company's dynamic business strategy and objectives, despite the current external trying economic environment. ( About the CompanyWinton Wynne Moore and Associates is one of the largest Australian national commercial law firms in Australia with over 800 people working in Sydney office. The rest of 400 people working in other capital cities of Australia. It is a partnership company with 25 partners, all of highly experienced and respected members of the legal profession. Charles Wynne is the Chief National Partner of the law firm, who has just delivered his address during the financial year to the firm's 600 Sydney-based solicitors, informing them of the firm being the best profit-making firm ever past years. However, Charles showed remarkably poor judgments and timing in his announcement because the company has two years ago declared its annual pay reviews, which has resulted in increases lower than in any of the previous five years despite of it up-beat profit making and performance previous yearThe firm is categorized into the following position grades:Total male employees Total of Female employees· Partners 25 5· Graduates at law - 200 people 100 100· Junior solicitors - 400 people 200 200· Senior solicitors - 500 people 375 135· Senior associates - 100 people 75 25· Legal Support Staffs: 20% 80%Administrative staffsSecretarial staffsLibrariansHuman Resource practitioners3.0 Organization Chart4.0 Company's Goal & MissionWinton Wynne Moore and Associates mission is to be "the provider of choice of commercial legal services to Australian corporations' and its chief goals are to double its business in the highly profitable fields of corporate mergers and acquisitions, insurance litigation and tax law over the next triennium.5.0 Current Employees Paid Structure and Rewards system- Mainly depends on seniority, experience and competence-Base pay subject to annual in sealed envelope marked "private & confidential"-Reward consistently on promotion to higher grades.- As according to market rate- The firm obtains value on at least 7.5 hours of billable hours' worked pay between $150 for junior employees and not more than $500 for seniors.- No additional rewards exceed annual billable hours budget- Underperformers are simply "managed out"6.0 Effects of Undercurrent Pay & Reward dissatisfaction-Influences on Employees...

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