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Human Relations Through Media Essay

632 words - 3 pages

Alexandra Santillan
Assignment #3
November 21, 2014

Human Relationships Through Media
In the early ages media was referred to as print media, which consisted of newspapers, press releases, books, etc. With the drastic and still continuing changes in technology, we don’t rely as often on those forms of media to inform us about everyday things. Instead we are so accustomed to the new age media: social media. When one thinks of the word media in today’s society, they consider communication devices that are used to interact and communicate with others. Cell phones, computers, and the Internet are things we are exposed to everyday and use subconsciously. In this essay, I will examine ways relationships function through social media by recalling things I learned Core Concepts.
With social media we are able to connect with others at a distance and much quicker pace. The transmission model, ...view middle of the document...

Without realizing and also taking for granted, we use the Transmission model on a daily basis. Whether in face-to-face conversations or social media, any form of communication is through the use of the Transmission model.
We subconsciously develop and adapt to certain behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs from those within our social media network. An example that comes to mind is media ideologies. As Su Hua discussed in lecture, media ideologies are the different meanings or views people have on the mediums they use. She demonstrated that people have different views or meanings on writing a letter. To some writing a letter may contain more passion and express the heart’s true feelings. In all, connecting people on a soul-to-soul level. While these aspects are positive and useful to us, we also need to be aware of the downsides of social media and what it can do to our social relationships.
Social media tends to make us think twice about ourselves as well as comparing who we are and in many cases this leads to negative or positive outcomes. With so much information about other people we see online and how they are living their lives, it’s easy for us to feel that we aren’t like them or good enough. To some people, the feeling of not being able to compete also causes a sense of loneliness that is possible to be transmitted via social networks. If someone in your online network is angry or lonely and takes it out on you, you’re more likely to develop this mood yourself. In lecture I learned there is a difference between fearing to be alone, or choosing to be alone, also known as solitude. To many, the avid usage of social media creates a sense of loneliness, yet we continue to use it to cure that feeling of betrayal.
Social media has put the relationship factor back in communication. Throughout the course of Core Concepts, I have gained a significant amount of knowledge over factors that pertain to what communication really is. Whatever form of medium being used to communicate, we not only have to think about what the outgoing message is, but how they will be interpreted by an audience that is made up of different people.

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