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Human Relations Essay

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Human Relations in Management
Human relations are defined as the art of using systematic knowledge about human behavior to improve personal, job, and career effectiveness. (DuBrin) Employees must frequently work together on projects, communicate ideas and provide motivation to get things done. Developing good human relations skills adds to the organizational effectiveness of a business. Employers that challenge and engage their employees are more likely to retain and attract qualified talent and adapt to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.
Human relations begin with self-understanding. This concept can be divided into two sides: public self and private self. The public self is ...view middle of the document...

A person’s mental perceptions are influenced by everything that has passed through that individual's mind. This includes all of a person's experiences, knowledge, biases, emotions, values, and attitudes. No two people have identical perceptions because no two people have precisely the same experiences. Because of this, people’s different perceptions may sometimes lead to conflict. Conflict within an organization leads to a hostile work environment, when that happens production, motivation and creativity decrease. Developing human relations skills in management will help you resolve conflict and foster a good working environment for you employees. But before we begin to develop and implement these skills let’s look at how the human relations movement started and the importance of it.
The human relations movement grew from the Hawthorne studies. A group of Harvard researchers, headed by Elton Mayo, conducted a series of experiments on worker productivity from 1927 to 1932 at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric Company in Illinois. The research team suggested that the way people were treated had an important impact on performance; individual and social processes played a major role in shaping worker attitudes and behavior. This became known as the Hawthorne effect. (Franke and Kaul) Another result of these studies was the concept of a person being solely motivated by money had to be replaced by the concept of a social person, motivated by social needs, desiring rewarding on the job relationships. Based on these new findings, companies realized that they had to find new approaches to how they managed their employees. Thus the human relations management theory was born. Also known as the motivational theory, the human relations management theory proposed the implementation of methods of dealing with workers as psychological beings with moral qualities-such as goals, motivation, and values--be taken into account.
Now that we have established where human relations has come from and what it is, let’s examine how we can put it into practice where management and leadership is concerned. It is important to note that managers rarely fail due to job incompetence. Their failure is usually attributed to poor people skills. Many employees feel that they aren’t part of the team or their contributions weren’t appreciated. We have already discussed learning about yourself as a key skill, but that is just one piece of the puzzle. Leaders of today also need to know their people. What motivates them? How can you get the most out of their performance? It all comes down to setting the example. Don’t ask someone to do something you yourself won’t do. Make sound and timely decisions and if possible include employees. Build and promote team work.
Empowering your subordinates will enhance their feelings of self-efficacy. Allowing your employees the freedom to make decisions will also increase their creative. Everything on the job...

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