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Human Relations 101 Essay

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Human Relations 101 Essay
1.) The two topics I chose to write about are:
a) Self –awareness:
Self-awareness is a topic that can be very broad, dealing with several different issues connected with inner personal development. When looking at your self-awareness you are taking a look at who you are as a person, your self-esteem, and what all you really want and strive for in your life and career. Self-awareness is related to human relations because it can reveal information about your personality type and how you see yourself as a person.
b) Personal Control:
Striving to maintain control over your personal self is a very good skill and trait to have. Personal ...view middle of the document...

Conflicting views give you a chance to learn more about yourself, explore the views of others, and develop productive relationships.
3.) Adlerian Theory:
The Adlerian Theory was created by a psychotherapist named Alfred Adler, who stressed the need to understand individuals within their social context. Adler believed that everybody shares one common desire and goal, and that is the need to belong somewhere and feel significant. Adler’s theories and beliefs have been very beneficial to the psychological world, especially when dealing with the growth and development of children.
4.) Ethical conduct is the codes or ideals that groups or individuals adopt to understand the difference between right and wrong and applying them to our daily decisions. It is important to human relations because these ideals can vary dramatically from person to person. Someone’s ethical conduct can tell a lot about that person and their character.
5.) Cultural awareness can be very important when developing relationships and can play a major role in where that relationship goes from there. Cultural awareness can sometimes be a sensitive subject that people often take offense to whenever it is disrespected. This can be the entire reason a relationship between two people never develops. It is very important to be aware of other people’s cultures and respect them accordingly.
6.) One easier and big way to become more culturally aware or competent is by simply being more open-minded. Close-minded people often don’t take into consideration the different beliefs and ideals that other people may possess. Instead, they usually focus on their own beliefs and doubt anyone who disagrees. By being more open-minded, you are allowing other people’s principals and beliefs to surface. This can often times be very beneficial as well, and can be taken as a learning opportunity.
7.) The knowledge of human relations can be very important and beneficial to a person who struggles with interpersonal communication. By learning and familiarizing yourself with...

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