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Human Motivation In The Workplace Essay

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Human Motivation
Motivating an individual to improve performance has always been without disregards one of the most difficult philosophy to comprehend. There has been several research conducted to determine what best motivate employees, and how they can improve performance while decreasing turnovers.
According to Dan Pink, a career analyst; he believes that intrinsic motivation can be more effective than incentive motivations. In his theory he believes providing incentives to workers will automatically decrease their level of motivation and with that their level of performance. In the video presented he made notorious emphasis on “financial incentives can result in a negative ...view middle of the document...

Due to today’s economic demands, employees are becoming more and more motivated by financial incentives. However, incentives in the work place does not always count as a form of monetary reward. Many companies have worked their way up into recognition. Management have intended to recognize employees for their performance by giving them public recognition in the workplace, by appreciating their efforts and by creating ways to commemorate their loyalty to the company. However, it is very rare to find managers who will take this approach of motivation. The case becomes intensive as we continue to create innovation.
A company is created with the purpose of providing something in exchange to financial returns. In such a case, a small business might be able to begin a company with only one or two employees, but the demand will be minimal and the type of relationship between the owner and his employees will be of value and excitement. However, the same case can happen in a bigger workplace while having higher management care for their employees and giving them recognition. Managers tent to create a valuable relationship which will increase performance. The more you want from your employees the more you need to give to them. I believe we all go to work for a similar purpose, most of us have families which we need to support, many of us work to have luxury, many to pay for school, to gain experience and knowledge, but at the end of the day we all work for the same purpose “financial stability.”
If a company does not pay well enough and if the incentives are not there, than the turnovers will increase and keep on increasing. As an example, I will talk about the bank I work for. Although the level of responsibility is very intense, management will go out their way and hire employees through an agency while paying them a very little salary. I hear employee’s conversations as I walk by and all I hear is “I want to leave this place” “because of my manager I am depressed” “I got written for taking a day off” and so I hear many other things. They have employees working for long hours and with very unpleasant schedules, their incentives are not there and the rewards only becomes part of just “an employee of the month” award with no incentives. One day I asked one of my co-workers how they get to be an employee of the month? He replied with discontent: “you will need to work overtime every day and every week, you will need to be the supervisors errant boy, you will need to take more work than the one you can handle and pretty much give your live to them.” As I hear what he said, I thought to myself, how can that even be possible? But it is, I have seen these employees getting recognized only by doing the things he said. Then is it exactly performance? The employee does not get recognitions nor motivation. They are not told you are valuable to our company, you are doing a great job, but instead they become x type of managers, where they need to have full...

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