Human Equality Essay

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Human Equality
Kaleigh A. Butler
Willmore Kanyongo, PhD
March 1, 2014

The analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, alongside with Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg address”, reveals that both men had the same idea of human equality. What is the definition of human equality? This is a definition that was brought to the country’s attention by two great men of history. Nearly one hundred years separated two men that both had the same ideals of what human equality means in a free nation. They both came to the same ideal that was set by our founding fathers. All men were created equal and had the rights to liberty and justice, including the prosperity ...view middle of the document...

He stated that in order for the new nation to survive that it was only fitting and proper to dedicate a portion of the field to the men whom fought, lived, and died for the cause of human rights. He felt that the men who fought in this war went beyond what the government, or his power could have accomplished on their own. In Lincoln’s speech he stressed that the life that was given for this cause should not and would not be overlooked and, that life is precious for all men.
Martin Luther King Jr. a civil rights activist in the 1960’s felt the oppression that still existed nearly one hundred years after Lincoln’s famous speech at Gettysburg. The human rights activist made peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations in hopes to obtain the human rights and liberties for all men. He stated that the injustice could be seen everywhere in the nation, no longer separated by states, north, south, blue or red coasts. This was a silent war that was being fought not with bullets and blood, but with perseverance and peaceful demonstrations. He spoke of days that he would be able to see all people, white and black, have the ability to stay at the same hotels, restaurants, and public facilities. As well as stating that it was not slavery that was over-whelming the African American community any longer, that it was discrimination, racism, and police brutality that were separating them from the rest of American society.
Two of the greatest American speakers on both sides of the silent war of discrimination and slavery. Nearly one hundred years apart rang throughout history, both fighting for the same cause but on two separate sides of treatment in regards of skin color. Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, a white President starting the fight for all men to truly be equal. For all men to have the ability to pursue the “American Dream” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, being a white man in America automatically held you to a higher regard than others. Not only to be white in America, but to be the President of the United States, the promise to uphold the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence when he took office. This gave Abraham the ability to reach all citizens of the states, to have a great influence on the American people. One of the Greatest and boldest of the early Presidents to have such an impact on the shape of what we know to be The United States of America.

Although, Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t a President, or a public office holder, he still had a great impact on American life during his career. He spoke out on behalf of the African American community that fell silently aside the years following the Civil War. He had great compassion and conviction for what he stood for. In the many articles and videos of Martin Luther King Jr. relating to his mission for equality, the conviction in his words and how he delivered them made people watch and listen to what he was going to say. The peaceful demonstrations...

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