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Human Development At Early Stages Of Lifetime

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Now days, parents are looking more and more after their kids. They try spending loads of time with them, playing, entertaining, and trying to grant every wish they desire. Why are they doing that? Cause they need us! Children are like aliens to our world. They know nothing about it. Everything here is new to them. That is why they are in need of our guidance. In my essay I will show you how child develops in to a bright, healthy, creative and happy kind of person by reviewing different scientific theories and life time examples. In present there are 4 times of development: cognitive development, social development, psychological and psychosexual development. Along with the development there ...view middle of the document...

I chose 8 month old child to compare with a 5 year one. First of all 8 month old is from a stage called Sensory – motor stage while 5 year old one is considered to be in Pre-operational Stage. Let the comparison begin! First of all, what is Sensory-motor stage exactly? It is a time when child has no understanding of past or future. The only things that he cares about are the surroundings and things which are happening now. In early part of this stage child is very egocentric, they can’t differ themselves from the environment, everything is a discovery for them.
At this stage child relies completely on its 3 main senses: sight, hearing, touch. It was confirmed by one of Cognitive Psychologists Moonie (1995). For instance, if any of the objects is out of sight or hidden, child actually thinks that it doesn’t exist any more. To prove that, two psychologists Bower and Wishart, (1972), placed several infrared cams in the children room to spy after a kid to find out what he will do when an object (in their experiment it was bottle) disappears. So they placed a bottle in the room, and when a kid tried to reach it the lights gone off. After that, psychologist spotted that the kid continued to search for the bottle for about 2 minutes after the lights were turned off. After one of Piaget’s experiment we now can say that kid will keep search for the missing object, and that he will not be looking for it even if a little part of it is shown. The item of search must be fully recognizable for him to search for it. Usually, at the age of 6-7 months child will recognise a nearly visible object and as for 8 months old child they will determinately search for an hidden object. This kind of realization is called, ‘Object Permanence’.
As for 5 year old ones pre – operation stage, it is a stage child starts to have his own thoughts and skills of usage of language. It is called pre- operational, because at this stage of age child has to evolve his ability of logical thinking and as well as understanding of how things work in this world. According to Piaget, pre operational stage was divided into two parts, ‘pre-conceptual’ (age of 2-4) and ‘Intuitive’ (4-7). During the pre-conceptual child can’t see differences in colour or size of similar objects. For instance, if we give a child 3 big pink and 3 small pink balls, and then ask him to put the big ones to the left and the small ones to the right, he won’t be able to do that correctly, cause of he can’t find any differences between the small and the large therefore the kid would probably just put any sized ball to left or right. Why is that? That’s because in this case kids are paying more attention to the colour (cause it is their main similarity) of the balls not their size that is why he put those balls randomly to both sides. Also, if we will show to the child 3 different coloured balls, he won’t think of them as they are different colour, he will see them as 3 similar balls, cause of their same round...

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