Human Computer Interaction Evolution Essay

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Human interaction with computers has changed over the years, and continues to create change in the world that we live in. That interaction is not only on our laptops, tablets and handheld devices, but affects virtually every aspect of our lives. It has not always been like that though. Twenty five years ago the maintenance personnel on an airline flight line would enter maintenance performed on an aircraft, manually with a stubby pencil, and wait for the key puncher to enter the data to let them know if there was an error. Today, that same maintainer updates the information system after completing the work, and is notified instantly if the data is entered has an error. Technology ...view middle of the document...

All aspects of development needs to include what tasks to perform, technology, and how users will interact with the system. The designer needs to bring all these together to match the technology to the users as well as the environment so the system is usable for the users. Let us look at how the development of human computer interaction relates to how technology has changed.

Human Computer Interaction Changes

The airlines have attempted to stay in step with the competition of human computer interaction for over three decades with various levels of success. While every technical manual or instruction maintained by the airline is available in a digital form, the method to document the maintenance performed on the aircraft has evolved from pencil and paper to entering the data to the information system immediately following the action. The need to transition from pencil and paper into a digital environment for the different level of users has been slow, but users are finally seeing the results within the civilian sector. Because of how technology has changed, a greater number of people are able to work from home and are more flexible with where they use their computer. Laptops, mobile phones, mobile computing and other portable devices, have nearly replaced the paper copies of books, documents and bills. Remote access to the Internet, home desktops and documents, such as word processing or spreadsheet files, have introduced people into mobile computing. As the internet access and speeds have increased, email and social media has mostly replaced snail mail. We are at a time in the human computer technology cycle where what we consider normal is being challenged and we are defining how to manage our interaction in both the physical and social sense. As developers face these issues and others, the need for a deep understanding of the user is needed while developing speech interaction.

Computer Interaction Through Speech

Probably one of the biggest leaps in technology is the voice recognition software that allows the user to speak, via a microphone to the computer in order to write text or analyze the text and provide a result to the user. The software takes what the user has said and then converts it into text on the screen, or as if it is being typed by the user. The software can also analyze what has been said and return a result back to the user. Speech synthesis similar to voice recognition creates speech from word that the user has entered. An example of one of the first uses of speech recognition would be the software...

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