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Human Cloning: Unethical And Demolishes Human Individuality

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Hanson 1

Cloning (against)
Morgan Hanson
College Writing 2

Cloning is unethical and some believe it is playing the role of “God”. To clone humans we are sacrificing our individuality and our humanity. Cloning could result in an outbreak of mutants. The experiments, while trying to develop cloning, are killing millions of eggs that we are used for development and testing of human cloning.
As of today, five mammals; sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, and mice, have been used extensively in reproductive cloning studies. Numbers from these experiments clearly show the problems involved and are quite compelling. Typically, very few cloning attempts are successful. Many ...view middle of the document...

These circumstances provide additional reasons to exercise cautions.
“It is quite clear that to clone humans would be unethical. The Human Fertilization an Embryology Authority agrees with the general public impression that to clone human beings would be ethically unacceptable as a matter of principle. I and most people in the Church of Scotland would certainly agree that on principle, to replicate any human technology is something that goes against the basic dignity of the uniqueness of each human being in God’s sight”(Dr. Wilmut, Roslin: July 22, 2004). Christians would see this as a violation of the uniqueness of human life, which God has given to each of us and to no one else.
Some say that the existence of identical twins means that we should not have ethical difficulty over cloning, or that to object to cloning implies that twins are abnormal. This argument does not hold true. Biologically, identical human twins are not the normal, but the unusual manner of their creation. This does not make them any less human. We recognize that each twin is a valuable individual.
Besides the public outrage that would accompany human cloning, failures would in turn hinder science and genetic research in areas such as embryonic stem cells for the repair of organs and tissues could be negatively impacted. Research is ongoing to develop the reprogramming of certain cells that turn into specific tissues types, which could then generate nerve, muscle, and other cell types. The potential benefits of therapeutic cell cloning are enormous, and this research should not be jeopardized with human cloning activities.
Potential harms and disadvantages of cloning are enormous. The possibility of compromising individualities, loss of genetic variation, andblack market of fetuses may arise from desirable donors that will want to be able to clone themselves. Technology is not well developed, we still have a low fertility rate. When cloning “Dolly” the sheep, 277 eggs were used, 30 of them started to divide, 9 induced pregnancy, and only one survived. The rate of this for humans is far lower, and we would have to quadruple the number of eggs for even one egg to be effective.
Cloning is along the same lines as selective breeding. It is not fair to be able to pick and choose the traits and characteristics you do and do not want. This world would be full of people who have an advantage over some, because someone was wealthy enough to clone them and give them the advantage over others.
Cloning created identical genes. It is a process of replicating a genetic...

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