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Human Cloning Essay

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Sherry Workman
Professor Irfan
English 102
12 July 2010
Human Cloning
When it comes to Human Cloning, either you’re for it or against it. I am completely for it. I want to share with you some of the many reasons that Human Cloning is an important part of our lives and should be studied more. I will share with you some of the medical breakthroughs and miracles that could be achieved, how cloning could impact and help the environment, and last but certainly not least the hope that cloning gives to those who truly need this discovery in their lives. When you are given a chance to make this life better, then there are no good reasons that you shouldn’t expand your thoughts and horizons ...view middle of the document...

This would be completely wonderful since heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and several other countries. On top of all of this, plastic and reconstructive surgery would reach new standards. Instead of using materials foreign to the body, tissue and cells could be formed to mesh with the patient and not be rejected by their immune systems (Smith).
A concern about the environment is an ever pressing issue. Whether it is helping endangered species or cloning plants and animals for medicinal purposes, no one can question the benefits that cloning would have on the environment. When you think of an endangered species and all the money that sometimes goes into trying to successfully breed an animal in captivity, wouldn’t it make just as much sense if not more to spend that money on the discoveries that cloning technology could uncover. And on top of that benefit, think about all the medicines that could be made without the worry of running out or running short of supply. On the web page, in reference to the benefits that cloning technology can have on the environment, John Kunich is quoted as saying; “Through the discoveries made through and by human cloning technology, all of this can be made possible” (Kunich).
On the Charlie Rose television show on February 14th, 2001, three anti-cloners debated against one reporter. The anti-cloners made the case for stem cell research while alleging that cloning itself would not result in any major scientific breakthroughs. The two lines of research go hand in hand and should complement...

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