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Human Being Essay

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Human being of the Earth, listen: Times and times follow endlessly upon each other and become eons, eternity and ALL-GREAT-TIME. All of these never have any similarity in themselves and with each other, as always and in each duration of time, as well as in each blink of an eye they differ, are contrary, opposed and of a different kind. All have their own cause and bring about their own effect totally according to the Creational Law of causality that determines that each cause brings about a definite effect and therefore, each effect is based on a definite cause through which everything is always rounded in itself and the circle closes.
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Times of peace and times of war are both determined by the will and the power of the human being. When freedom blooms then life and earth flourish; when there is war however, life is murdered. Thousands of innocent human beings full of fear and terror, full of hardship and misery have to die while that which was created by them will be destroyed and annihilated. Through heavy bombardments the planet itself cries out in terrible pain during which, through the fault of the power-hungry and the irresponsible the whole of nature is stirred up and the earth will almost be torn apart, gigantic storms rampage over the earth and annihilating wild waters flood the land and even bring mountains to cave in. Catastrophes and evil take their toll and a thousand deaths create sadness, misery, want and poverty. Parents lose their children and children lose their parents. Friends and other loved ones are torn apart and die horrible deaths while all possessions of others are destroyed in such a way that rebuilding can never again take place. Flaming infernos are created through war and other terror in which next of kin and loved ones die gruesome deaths and are annihilated forever because the power-hungry, racists, religious fanatics, sectarians, insane and lunatics wave their deadly sceptre and their insane world-view-philosophy chokes every wish of love, peace, freedom and harmony as well as humaneness in its roots. They do not let any striving for a harmonious, free and a peaceful life together emerge, because their will and greed for power as well as their insanity is stronger and only programmed to kill, destroy, annihilate, enslave, conquer and aimed at absolute control. The will of the peace loving, the reasonable and of those with a positive attitude who accept life in its endless abundance and harmony who try to respect and protect life will be crushed and killed by hate and those greedy for power and profit who hold the blood-stained rudder scrupulously in their hands and stop at nothing to reach their aim.

Human being of the earth, listen: Never forget to smile and never forget humaneness as well as striving for love, peace, wisdom, freedom and harmony, may the times of darkness and of insanity be ever so gloomy and cruel. Nurture the good, worthy and the respectful at all times and as often as opportunity is given to you even when you are thrown into the depths of darkness. Always create joy in yourself should even sadness befall you. Find delight in life, nature and the universe. Enjoy the stars, the moon and the sun as it rises from the horizon high into the blue sky and brightens a new day. Human being of the earth, give yourself the love you deserve and love your fellow-men as well as all other forms of life, honour the earth as your home and respect the ground and soil on which you stand and walk. Always be yourself, remember your humanness and never forget your name, your essence, your virtues and also your honour and dignity. Always be...

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