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Human After All Essay

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Welcome message
a. Background details
b. Module aims

c. Module learning outcomes
d. Themes and topics
e. Learning supports

f. Session arrangements
g. Student engagement
h. Office hours arrangements

i. Assignments
j. Module assessment components
i. Pre module assignment
ii. Group project
iii. Examination

k. University grading policy
l. Grade descriptors for assessment components



Welcome message
Welcome to this unit on Business Policy. Dr Yousef Eiadat will be joining me in teaching this course. In this unit we aim to build skills in Strategic planning – the analysis behind strategic decisions, the crafting of strategies and the implementation of them to ensure organisational success.

Strategy involves managing the interface between an organization and its external environment. To this end, the first three topics develop skills in strategic analysis, leading to consideration of the positioning of an organisation in its strategic environment. These cover internal and external analysis, and the options in setting strategic direction. This analysis is critical to successful strategy because success depends upon finding the right fit between the strengths and weaknesses of the internal workings of the organisation and the opportunities and threats in the external environment. We will spend time ensuring that you can apply the main tools and techniques to the real world situation outlined cases.

Should you require clarification on any matter pertaining to the module, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr Yousef Eiadat
Dr. Richard Tan
Module coordinator, BMGT4008S

This Study Guide is designed to provide you with details of the module (Business Policy, BMGT4025S), the learning outcomes, delivery and assessment arrangements. The Study Guide consists of 6 parts
Part 1 gives background details to the subject area are provided and the broad aims of the module are set out.
Part 2 consists of the module outline. In this part the (a) module learning outcomes, (b) the themes and topics to be explored are explained along with the (c) learning supports to be used.
Part 3 gives details of the module delivery arrangements. It sets out the session arrangements and the expectations in relation to your prior preparation and student engagement.
Part 4 provides details of the assessment techniques used in this module explaining the assessment components, their...

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