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Hum 130 Wk6 Intro Religion Essay

1222 words - 5 pages

• Introduction of the religion
• Date, time and method of interview.
• Name of the person interviewed.
• Name, location and review of the site if applicable.
• Interview summary
• Comparing and contrasting with another religion
• Conclusion
• References

The religion that I have chosen is Catholicism since I am unable to interview with a local Buddhist in the time they chose. I chose Catholicism since there are still questions that I would still like answered since converting away at the age of 8. Catholicism is a big religion in the United States and also all over the world. We all have questions to how it all began and how people believe in the one person they call God.
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He explained it started with Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. The origins came from death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ in approximately AD 30. Mainly it is said to be the church that Jesus died for.
My next question was what book you read for your religion. He told me and then showed me the Holy Bible and as I looked through it contains the Old Testament and The New Testament. That is the book they read from in Church containing many “stories” and guidance. Another question I asked what is the main goal of being Catholic. Two words he told me “Eternal Salvation” Informing me as if he died tonight would he feel “saved” for God himself and not go to hell.

How has this religion shaped your life today? It has shaped it in many ways as if it wasn’t for God I would not be here. He has shown me guidance and provided me everything I need. Like my beautiful family, my house over my head, and even my career. It all would not be if it was not for God almighty. I pray every night with my family. I may not be a perfect Catholic but no one can be perfect by doing everything it says in the bible. We all have commit sins every single day and ask for forgiveness through the confessional.
What are some of your important holidays and traditions for Catholicism? Every Sunday is when we all go to Church as that is the day of God. That is our Holy day of obligation to observe on the seventh day. But Christmas is the most known holy day that we observe as it is not about Santa and presents as it relates to Jesus Christ. Another holiday is Easter and Lent, It’s a 40 day start with Ash Wednesday and observed with all of us praying, fasting, and providing charity. It is mostly to observe this period as it was leading to Easter the rise of Christ as there is Easter Bunny as it is all related to Jesus Christ himself and God.

What are the challenges that you face in this religion? Living life everyday with God and being distracted by the doings of Satan. Sharing my word of God has changed since everyone nowadays all are following different religions. What I have learned is respect as I cannot convert someone to my religion without facts and actual ways of god. The next question is how can someone become a catholic? By accepting God as his savior and asking for forgiveness for all his sins. His first step...

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