Hum 111 Week 2 Immigration Reform

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Shrinking The Allowable Margin of Illegal Immigration
Keith Rulli
HUM 111
Stephanie Washington

Shrinking The Allowable Margin of Illegal Immigration
With the U.S. citizens and government both aware of the immigration crisis in this country, it is not the time for the government to blink or lollygag in bringing about resolutions. A proper strategy will cause the appropriate change to the situation, and with it a peace will come to this country. The irony of the situation is that it may only come after amnesty is granted toward the current ballpark figure of 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country. Otherwise, immigration would remain a vehement issue. The scope of ...view middle of the document...

S. with a green card or visa and overstay the visitation they were granted. Many of the illegal immigrants are undocumented workers. Whether or not this country benefits from illegal immigrants working in this country really shouldn't matter because it's against the law, and the law generally does not bend. An employer that does not document and report a worker's wages to the federal government is violating tax laws.
Health care is a necessity in life. Adults need it, but children especially need it also. Many of the illegal immigrants in this country come here as children. Education is also very important factor of living in America. The more illegal immigrants there is in this country, the more people there are who require health and education services while not paying state and federal taxes to the government. This imposes a greater burden on the tax payers of this country. Of course, the government can benefit from some some of the earnings that illegal immigrants generate, such as state sales tax where it applies, but it doesn't excuse the fact that being in America illegally is a crime and a financial burden to...

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