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Hugs Not Drugs Essay

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Hugs not Drugs

Saurabh Agrawal
Sunday June 7, 2009

For many better forgotten years, the alluring aroma of drugs has stalked and shattered many athletes all across this “clean” civilized planet. Former athlete, Ronald Laura said “a philosophy of sport which motivates play for its own sake - for the love of the game and which sees sporting interaction as an activity which serves to enhance human integrity rather than just human performance” (Galas 14). Abusing drugs can make you win by cheating, it can also ruin your career and finally abusing drugs sends out an unethical and disappointing message to all the fans out there that look up to you and are inspired by you. An analysis ...view middle of the document...

Such incidents like this make me wonder what people think about the likes of today’s heroes such as Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell. If we go on like this, imagine the standards that we would be setting for the next generation of drug abuse.
Sticking to the example of Ben Johnson: After winning the 100 m dash with a new world record, Ben stood on the podium, grinning and said “ Maybe this record will last 5 years, or 10 years or even 50 years” (Pampel 63). It lasted three days. Leaving the South Korean airport in disgrace, Mr. Ben shielded himself with his briefcase trying to stop the overwhelming crowd of media and fans hurling questions at him. The end of his career. It might just be the same for you: You had success all along and you worked and trained second by second and then there was that one big race that you thought you could not do so you chose the alternative: drugs. After winning the race and dancing to yourself you think what a great idea. After getting caught and your career ruined, you think: why did I do it?
Going back to Ben Johnson, the Canadian reaction to the world record (Johnson was Canadian) was exhilarating. Canadians rejoiced in the reflected glory of winning the gold medal and breaking the world record. Newspapers celebrated the occasion by making words such as "Benfastic" (Toronto Star, September 25, 1988) to describe it. Two days later, Canadians witnessed the downfall of Ben Johnson, when he was stripped of his gold medal and world record. In the first week following the disaster, Canadian newspapers set...

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