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Planting Herb | 1. the teacher will select herb2. the teacher will prepare the pot3. The teacher will start to fill the pot with multi-purpose or soil-based compost4.The teacher will start planting5. The teacher will place the taller plants in the centre of the display, and the training ones near the edge6. The teacher will fill in around the planted herbs7. The teacher will add more if necessary 8. The teacher will top the herbs9. The teacher will put fertilizer to the herb10. the teacher will watering the plants | * A variety of herbs as listed above * A large pot; terracotta or ceramic are good choices * Gravel * Compost * Controlled ...view middle of the document...

The teacher will mark the positions on the plan first to take their shade into account7. The teacher will decide what type of landscaping they will do8. The teacher will designate given areas for trees or flowers or rocks capes.9. The teacher will choose a plant that will put in the yard10. The teacher will ask the local nursery for suggestions on plants from the area and what conditions they like best | * Gridded paper |

Trimming Shrubs | 1. The teacher will examine the shrubs regularly 2. The teacher will look over the shrubs every few weeks to see if there is any dead or dying wood 3. The teacher will prune the shrub with garden shears or loppers. 4. The teacher will trim any branches that are sagging or growing near the ground 5. The teacher will shape the shrub by trimming some limbs and leaves 6. The teacher will dip the blades the garden shears or loppers in a solution of one part chlorine bleach and nine parts water7. The teacher will cut away any disease wood. This method ensures that you won't transfer the disease to other, healthy parts of the wood. Dip the blade into the solution after each cut.8. The teacher will cut back the shrub’s terminal branch until it will reach a healthy bud9. The teacher will prune the shrub’s oldest branches at the ground level10. The teacher will cut away all stems that are smaller than the size of a pencil. This method is known as renewal pruning. | * Garden shears * Chlorine bleach * Water |

Building wood fence | 1. The teacher will lay out a line where the fence is to be installed2. The teacher will determine the height the fence should be to meet your needs3. The teacher will set ‘’end posts’’4. the teacher will pull a builder's line from one end post to the other, at an equal height above the ground5. The teacher will lay out the post holes between the end posts eight feet center to center, and dig the rest of your holes6. The teacher will set the remaining posts, measuring the same distance from the top of each one to the building line, and plumbing them7. The teacher will pack the backfill around all of the posts firmly8. The teacher will nail for a privacy fence, nail a 2X4 board (stringers) with 12 or 16d galvanized nails, from post to post along your fence line at the top, the center, and about a foot from the bottom of each post9. The teacher will nail the vertical boards, usually 1X6 rough sawn lumber, leaving a space between each board to each of the stringers with 8d spiral shanked galvanized nails10. The teacher will paint the finished fence with a good quality waterproofing sealer | * Post hole diggers. * Posts. These can be pressure treated 4X4 souther yellow pine, Cedar, or other rot resistant wood * 2X4 lumber, either pressure treated or rot resistant woods mentioned earlier * Fence boards. These are usually cut especially for fencing. They are often "dog...

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