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Htt 200 Week 6 Checkpoint Departments

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Week 6 Check Point
Jerami West
HTT 200
Saturday May 19, 2012
John Loches

Week 6 Check Point
There are many different departments located at the majority of hotels throughout the United States. Most upscale 4 and 5 star hotels offer the following departments in their establishments. First, there is the rooms department. The rooms department can be divided into 3 sub departments. The rooms department consists of the front desk, the uniform services, and housekeeping. The second department that most major upscale hotels have is a miscellaneous department. In this department, you would find sub departments of the gift shop, telephone services, and the garage. The third major department that all 4 and 5 star establishments have ...view middle of the document...

I think that as much love as I have for the food service industry, I would probably tend to lean more towards the rooms department. I like office work a lot. I love the food service part too, but in all honesty, when it comes to food service, if there is not drive thru then I generally am not happy. I think that I could be very happy working in the rooms department, perhaps as the front office manager or front desk attendant.
I am not sure if one department is more important than another. I think it takes a team of all departments working together to make a superior hotel. In an upscale 4 or 5 star hotel customers have come to expect great service, fine dining, and so much more. To say that one department is more important than the other would a negative impact on the customer. If I had to choose one department I would have to say that the rooms department would be the most important. This is because it is comprised of housekeeping, uniform service and the front desk. These functions are vital to any size hotel. There are many 3 star hotels that do not have a fine dining facility. So I think that the service areas would be the most important.
I think that it is important to know information about other areas of the hotel other than the one you chose to work in for a few reasons. The first would be because of guest interactions. A guest might ask you if the food at your hotel is good, or even what kind of food the hotel offers. Another reason you need to know about other areas is for safety.

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