Hsm/220 Check Point Wk 1 Essay

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Check Point Wk 1

Ten characteristics necessary for an effective leader are:

1. Vision *(Knowledge)
2. Ability to motivate *(Value)
3. Efficiency *(Knowledge)
4. Organization *(Knowledge)
5. Control *(Knowledge)
6. Ability to plan *(Knowledge)
7. Positive attitude *(Value)
8. Sense perspective *(Value)
9. Respect *(Value)
10. Trust *(Value)

I believe that a manager is very important for many different reasons. All of the characteristics that I listed above will help a ...view middle of the document...

Since managers have a lot of responsibilities and not very much time but they need also be efficient. Managers tend to have very little time, and so it is important that they keep their time organized and do as much as they can in the small amount of time that they have. Control is something that is important to many managers, because no one can keep an entire company running if they cannot control what is happening within the company. Someone always has to be in control and it should be the manager otherwise, complete chaos can and will happen. Good managers also keep a sense of understanding. Many employees look to their managers for understanding and guidance. When a manager shows their employees respect and also gains their trust, the employee will not feel intimidated by their manager and will be more comfortable with their job. A group that works together should be able to rely on each other. They are working for the same goal for the company. Employees work better, happier, and are more productively when they know that everyone at the job can all be count on and your work is a more enjoyable.

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