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Hsc Study Notes: Egypt From Amenhotep Iii To The Death Of Ramesses Ii

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Pharaoh Date (BC) Highlights of the reignAmenhotep IIINebmaatre 1387-49 · Egypt's economy booms, wealth coming from international trade and gold-mining· Reign characterised by a burst of magnificent building projects and artistic achievement· The Great Royal Wife Tiye, daughter if Yuya and Thuya plays a prominent role in reign· Diplomacy and marriage feature in foreign policy. Only one campaign to Nubia reportedAkhenaten(Amenhotep IV)Neferkheperure Wa'enre 1349-33 · The cult of Aten the Sun disc, established as the state religion, replacing that of Amun of Thebes· The state capital moved to Akentaten, where a new city is built· The Great Royal ...view middle of the document...

· Libyan threat to stability in the Delta contained by garrisons· Capital re-established in the Delta at Pi-ramesse, modern Tel el-Dab'aBuilding programsTutankhamun· Though only ruling 9 years, building program more extensive than is realised· He appears to have begun a tomb for himself but his untimely death probably caused him to occupy a tomb that was nearing completion for Ay· Tutankhamun's restoration stela refers to the rebuilding of temples neglected during his predecessors reign· Restored damaged 6th pylon and built two temples (testified by name of one of these; "Mansion of Nebkheperure, beloved of Amun, who sets Thebes in order") of his own· Responsible for reliefs of the Opet festival adorn the halls of the Temple of Amun at LuxorSmenkhkare· Recently identified addition to the great palace at Akhetaten appears to have been built as a mark of his coronation· Bricks of the room all bore the name Ankhkheperure (his throne name)· A graffito (An ancient drawing or inscription scratched into a surface) from a Theban tomb refers to a priest attached to the 'Temple of Ankhkheperure', so he apparently had a mortuary temple.Ay· Began a tomb in the Western Valley of the Kings; tomb not complete at the time of his death· His name and that of his queen Tey were hacked out of tombs wall paintings probably in the reign of Horemheb· Continued Tutankamun's restoration work, allowed predecessors names to remain on a complete temple, even adding to Tutankamun's figures and cartouches.· His temple later dismatled by Horemheb. Used it as fillings for his pylons at Karnak· Temple later usurped by Horemheb· Built a rock-cut shrine at Akhmim, which unlike his other monuments does not appear to have been defaced· Probably built a structure at Abydos, the cult centre of Osiris, according to a stela located in the louvre· Small rock-cut shrine also built in NubiaHoremheb· Building program not important for his architecture but for historical significance· His second, ninth and tenth pylons at Karnak were filled with the talatat from Akhenaten's East Karnak temples which he dismantled· In recycling them he unwittingly preserved many...

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