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Hsc Speeches Aung San Suu Kyi & Sir Willain Deane

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Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.
- Peter Drucker

Speeches are made to help the speaker represent a point of view and to captivate the audience in said view point. This can be seen in Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘Keynote address at the Beijing world conference on women’, which has a significant central theme of peace, and the role of women in the peaceful government of this world. Whereas previous Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Sir William Deane’s ‘On the occasion of an ecumenical service for the victims of the canyoning tragedy’ was purely about paying respects to the victims of ...view middle of the document...

Throughout her speech, Suu Kyi has made various points on why women should be able to use their nurturing instincts to help the world and to help get across her point she uses different language devices, such as metaphors and rhetorical questions.
“For millennia women have dedicated themselves almost exclusively to the task of nurturing, protecting and caring for the young and the old, striving for the conditions of peace that favour life as a whole... it is time to apply in the arena of the world the wisdom and experience thus gained in activities of peace over so many thousands of years.”
This extract from the speech is an example of how Suu Kyi uses metaphors to her advantage, helping her to portray the world as an arena – women fighting for gender equality and the ability to be able to participate in politics and governance. By using literary techniques and devices, Suu Kyi adds complexity to her speech and in turn makes it more interesting and captivating.

As well as talking about women’s rights and their role in the world today, Aung San Suu Kyi discusses tolerance and her definition of it. She adds authority and international context to her point of tolerance which further pushes her point across to the audience.
“This year is the International Year for Tolerance... genuine tolerance requires active effort to try to understand the point of view of others; it implies broad-mindedness and vision, as well as confidence in one’s own ability to meet new challenges without resorting to intransigence or violence.”
Tolerance is a major part of gender equality and the added authority that Suu Kyi pushes upon the audience of stating that it “is the International Year of Tolerance” definitely helps the responder to understand how much of an issue this is.
Suu Kyi speaks further of tolerance and female inclusion in government and the possibility of light being brought to the world by greater tolerance.
“It is not the prerogative of men alone to bring light to this world: women with their capacity for compassion and self-sacrifice, their courage and perseverance, have done much to dissipate the darkness of intolerance and hate, suffering and despair.”
This point made by Suu Kyi pushes the fact that men aren’t the only ones that can keep this world from falling apart and falling into darkness. Women are often seen as sensitive, not able to fight wars and that “the home is the domain of the woman”, whereas their male counterparts are viewed as the ones who are built to fight wars and rule countries. Suu Kyi has used metaphors to help demonstrate male tendencies for violence, likening weapons used in war to nothing more than toys.
“the war toys of grown men”
Although Aung San Suu Kyi is trying to push away the stereotypes of women, she uses them to her advantage throughout the speech. She also uses rhetorical questions to back up her statements and make the responder think.
“Surely these discoveries indicate that women have a most...

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