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Creative You grasped the rectangular glass bottle in your clammy palm, and raised it to your dry mouth, swallowing the last remnants of your guilty pleasure. You would have to cleanse your mouth later, using toothpaste and mouthwash in an attempt to conceal the intoxicating odour that infused your breath. You stared over the russet, rusted metal railing, absorbing the blackened chaos of the storm-tossed Atlantic Ocean. A sensation of rebellion and pleasure, both startling and exciting, surged through your lungs. You exhaled deeply, your warm breath tainted with alcohol, which tangoed and twisted, transfusing the salty Atlantic air. You firmly stoppered the empty bottle with a rubber cork, ...view middle of the document...

Alcohol allowed your mind to unwind, it gave you reprieve from your day, your extensive duties, the accumulation of pressure. It allowed you to temporarily forget the fact that you had an addiction. You strode back to the naval bridge at twilight, your mind in an unnecessary, ferocious spin. The rebellious pleasure that had once soothed your mind was displaced by irritation. You marched across the flag deck, enduring the splattering sea mist that rubbed your uniform damp, icily pressing against your skin. Your fingers trailed along the cold railing, as you gazed upon the outline of the bridge and communications antenna silhouetted against the velvet sky. The beauty uplifted you for a second, as if god had taken you back to his workshop, and shown you something special. Manmade and natural elements intermingled and were for once, compatible. Such moments gave a refreshing sense of meaning to your life. This was why you had joined the Royal Australian Navy. Not for the lack of sleep, the pressure or expectations, but for that sense of sporadic sense of freedom You paused momentarily, allowing yourself reprieve: to collect yourself. You had to walk onto the naval bridge as a commander, not a drug-addicted, paranoid middle-aged adult. Your life was characterized by complications; you were one individual with multiple personas. You grasped the reddened naval railing with both hands, which were trembling slightly from the cold. The salty air hiking its way through your nostrils, the spew of saline water form the ocean, the wisps of hair that batted at your ear lobes, it was a refreshing distraction from all that berated your life. Suddenly, the moment cracked. You felt the cold, empty bottle, pressing against...

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