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Hsc 3 Essay

1898 words - 8 pages

Level 3 Diploma |
Health & Social Care
Communication |
Craig Egan

Why do people communicate?
People communicate for many reasons in various ways depending on the situation. It is important to understand it is not just by talking. Communication can either be by touch, our body language and movements, by facial expressions and demeanour. It can also be by the way we dress. Good communication is the foundation of all relationships regardless of the nature of the relationship itself. As we communicate a relationship is formed.
Communication is an essential tool a carer can use to meet the needs of an individual. It is necessary to practice good communication ...view middle of the document...

The service user can gain the trust and understanding from the care worker and therefore communicate at ease supporting and addressing the needs of the individual. Good communication amongst staff encourages a better working relationship and ensures all tasks are completed to the appropriate standard. Good communication between staff members is important to ensure problems are picked up and rectified quickly and shared amongst staff. The relationships we have with our colleagues and other professionals are vital if we are to work effectively.

Describe factors to consider when promoting effective communication.
It has been proven that people pay more attention to facial expression and the tone of a person’s voice than they do to the words that are spoken.

Tone of voice. We need to be conscious about the tone of our voice when communicating. A loud voice with a fixed tone could be interpreted as being angry. Whereas a calm relaxed voice comes across friendlier.
The face. A person’s facial expression say a lot and it generally indicates our emotional state. We know when a person is happy because they are usually smiling or laughing and appear upbeat and relaxed. The opposite can be observed when a person is sad they usually frown they appear tense and muscles may be stiff.
Body movement and posture. It is important to be aware of our posture. For example, if we choose to sit with crossed arms or legs it will suggest that we are disinterested and unwilling to engage. Leaning back in a seat or against a wall can give the impression you are relaxed or even bored. Whereas if you were to lean forward it can show concern, interest and sympathy. It is a fine line however, because standing up and over someone or sitting face to face can be too formal in certain situations send out the wrong message.
The eyes. It is important to maintain eye contact with people we are engaging with. It shows that we are interested and suggests we are listening it is also a sign of confidence. the opposite can be said for those who are reluctant to make eye contact such people are likely to be shy.
Personal space. As a care worker to be aware of an individual’s personal space and boundaries is most important. It is necessary when working in a care setting not to make people feel uncomfortable and uneasy that would be disrespectful and an invasion of privacy. Also there is a cultural and religious aspect to consider, some nations are more intimate than others and embrace each other differently. It is important to gauge the kind of relationship and at what stage it is at.
Touch. This form of communication has a very fine line on one hand touching another person can be interpreted as affectionate and caring and on the other can be a sign of control or sexual interest. Similar to personal space it is good practice not assume people want to be touched. Some individuals may appreciate a reassuring hug whereas others may feel this totally inappropriate.

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