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Hsc 2nd Paper

2719 words - 11 pages

HSC English 2nd Paper Model Question-5

Class XII
Subject : English 2nd Paper

Time: 3 hrs.                                                                                                                                Full Marks: 100
Read the following passage and answer questions 1—8 that follow :

For the very survival man had to engage himself in trade. It began with the primitive barter which means exchanging one thing for another. With the growth of civilization and advent of international trade, barter was replaced by the complex world of the market place. Money standard weights and measures were developed to facilitate exchange.. Today, the market place allows ...view middle of the document...

In fact, the more a country exports, the high is its foreign exchange earning.

1.         True or false? Correct the incorrect ones :-                                                                                 1x5=5

            a)         Man devoted himself to trade for his existence.
            b)         The barter system has been abolished because of the advancement of civilization.
            c)         An import oriented country earns more foreign currency.
            d)         Today trade is confined to the people of a country.
            e)         Many reasons led to the growth of trade.

2.         Fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs provided :                                                               1x5=5

Man (a) ____ (engage) himself in trade to survive. The history of trade (b) _____ (date) back to primitive age. It (c) _____(start) its journey in the primitive age through barter system. But the barter system (d) _____ (last) long since civilization (e) _____ (spread) far and wide.

3.         Make two columns, one showing positive activities and the other negative activities on the basis of the passage. Write down 2 activities in one column and 3 in the other.                                                           1x5=5

4.         Match the phrases from column A with ones in column B. There were more phrases in column B than are necessary.                                                                                                                                                 1x5=5

|Column A |Column B |
|a)  Man engaged himself in trade |a)  a means of evil deeds only. |
|b)  Money works as |b)  behind international trade |
|c)  Many factors word |c)  a medium of exchange |
|d)  No country is self sufficient |d)  for spending time. |
|e)  In the past barter was |e)  in production |
| |f)  the medium of exchange. |
| |g)  for his existence. |

5.         Based on information in the reading text, answer each of the following questions in one complete sentence:-                                                                                                                                               1x5=5

            a)         What is " barter"?
            b)        ...

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