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Hsa 520 Assignment 3 Information Goverance

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Assignment 3: Information Governance
S. Crew

Professor: DR. Griffin
Date: November 22, 2012


Assignment 3: Information Governance

1. Analyze the primary causes of information management / information technology project failures and recommend at least three (3) best practices that could be adopted by any organization to avoid such failure in the future.

According to our text (Glandon, Smaltz & Slovensky 2008) “the single greatest cause of project failure is poor executing”. Other primary causes of information management / information technology project failure include;
“Poor planning”
“Unclean goals and objectives”
“Objective changes during project”
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Provide specifics examples to support your response.

“As it relates to project metrics, this entity of organizations can aid in facilitating IM / IT governance by analyzing whether or not the IM / IT projects are successful or a failure, assessed whether or not the projects are completed as schedule and within budgets of the organization and meet requirements” (Levinson, 2008). In organizations in which project metrics are utilize; Indicators can be used to define metric data components in which information about IM / IT project can be obtained”, in contrast to “measure periods”; which can compensate for deficit and help organizations gain control over the development of IM / IT projects in helping to facilitate IM / IT governance (Audit of IT Governance).
Examples in which this applies;
1) Time: “How the project is going against schedule”
2) Cost: “How the project is going against budget”
3) Resources: “How much time is being spent on this project”
4) Scope: “Is project’s scope kept in line with expectations”
5) Quality: “Are quality problems being reviewed and fixed”
6) Actions: “Are there any outstanding action items on the project” (Audit of IT Governance).
“Project metrics in organizations can help to explain what is going to be measured, how the project will be assed, and the units of measurement that will be used” (How to use metrics to improve project management).
An advantage of utilizing project metrics to help facilitate governance is that it can help to negate “the present state of “health” of a IM / IT project” (Audit of IT governance), it can serve as a mechanism in organizations being able to obtain data of IM / IT project details as well as serve as a vital component for data control” (Audit of IT governance) Project metrics can “help with risk mitigation, crisis resolution, project control, team performance management, client expectations management. Adjustment of prognoses and development plans, software development, security and application maintence” (Governance: Project management rules).
In facilitating IM / IT governance in contrast to “Portfolio Management”, according to our text organizations working in conjunction with the PMO Governance structure; can “negate about which information technology to invest in and which information not to invest with its portfolio management office” (Gland on, Smoltz & Solvency, 2008). The portfolio management within the organization can ensure that the right kinds of projects align (continuation pg. 4)

with the organization’s overall strategic goals and objectives” (Glandon, Smaltz & Slovensky, 2008) An example as such as demonstrated in our text “is when a IM / IT portfolio which is comprised of projects that are “in flight” (Glandon, Smaltz & Slovensky, 2008) within an organization and “based on the knowledge” obtained from overseeing the organization’s portfolio of current projects; the organization can compose a...

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