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Hrm Practice Of Banking Sector Essay

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June 2, 2013 | Author: Jannatul Ferdous | Posted in Banking
Table of Contents
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1 Chapter 1
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1.1 Human resource management:
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1.2 Functions of HRM:
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1.3 Importance of HRM:
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1.4 Philosophy:
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1.5 Objective:
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2 Process of orientation:
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5 Chapter 5:Training & Development
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5.1 Training:
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6 Chapter 6:Performance appraisal
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6.1  Performance appraisal:
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6.2  Organizational practice:
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7 Chapter 7:Compensations, Rewards and Benefits
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7.1  Compensation:
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8 Chapter-8:Employee Relation
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8.1 Employee Relation:
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8.2 Reasons for employee relation:
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8.3  Major Labor Laws:
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9 Recommendation:
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10 Conclusion:
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11  Reference:
Chapter 1
Human resource management:
Human resource management involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people, or human resources, who work for the organization. In recent years, increased attention has been devoted to how organizations manage Human Resources. This increased attention comes from the realization that an organization’s employees enable an organization to achieve its goals and the management of these human resources is critical to an organization’s success.
Functions of HRM:
1. -------------------------------------------------
Planning for Organization, Jobs and People
v  Strategic Human Resources
v  Human Resources Planning
v  Job Analysis
1. -------------------------------------------------
Acquiring Human Resources
v  EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)
v  Recruiting
v  Selection
1. -------------------------------------------------
Building performance
v  Human Resources Development
v  Human Resources Approaches to improving Competitiveness
1. -------------------------------------------------
Rewarding employees
v  Performance Appraisal
v  Compensation and Benefits
1. -------------------------------------------------
Maintaining Human Resources
v  Safety and Health
v  Labor Relation
v  Employment Transitions
1. -------------------------------------------------
 Managing Multinational HRM
Importance of HRM:
 Today, professionals in the human resources area are important elements in the success of any organization. There jobs require a new level of sophistication that is unprecedented in human resources management. Not surprisingly, their status in the organization has also been elevated. Even the name has changed. Although the terms personal and...

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