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Hrm Pay, Appraisal, Discipline, Grievance And Personnel Records Case Study

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Human Resource Management

Assignment 3

Report to Board of Directors

Subject: Pay, Appraisal, Discipline, Grievance and Personnel records

Job Descriptions and Pay


| |Softworks |Barnsley MBC (Comparator) |
|Job Description |No Formal job descriptions |Formal agreed job descriptions for every post in|
| |Staff undertake duties where they are required |the organisation detailing duties of post |
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Pay is determined by line managers who although they have access to the appraisal files do not necessarily have to take notice of them. This could lead to accusations of favouritism.


Bradford MBC is a large organisation which has established pay grades and job descriptions. Although the nature of the business is very different some of the strengths of the Bradford system can be used to the advantage of Softworks Ltd.

Bradford has clearly defined what is expected of its employees in the form of a job description. Currently job descriptions are being revised in light of an ongoing job evaluation scheme. Pay is set out at the beginning of an individual’s employment often within a banding range. Employees know what is expected of them and the rewards that they can expect.


To introduce job descriptions and a formal pay scheme at Softworks a Job evaluation exercise must be undertaken.
What is job evaluation?

Job evaluation can be defined as 'a method of determining the relative worth of a job to an organisation'
It's a useful process because job titles can often be misleading - either unclear or unspecific - and in large organizations it's impossible for those in HR to know each job in detail. As a rough guide, job evaluation, like many pay management techniques, tends to be desirable in organizations once the number of employees exceeds around 50. It usually becomes essential once employee numbers increase to more than 250. But each organisation is different and the use of job evaluation techniques will depend on individual circumstances.
Job evaluation is often used when:
• determining pay and grading structures
• ensuring a fair and equal pay system
• deciding on benefits provision - eg bonuses and cars
• comparing rates against the external market
• undergoing organizational development in times of change
• undertaking career management and succession planning
• reviewing all jobs post-large-scale change, especially if roles have also changed.
It is essential to have clear, detailed and up-to-date job descriptions on which to base the job evaluation.

Types of job evaluation

There are two main types of job evaluation: analytical schemes, where jobs are broken down into their core components, and non-analytical schemes, where jobs are viewed as a whole. The use of an analytical scheme offers a better defence if a claim is made to an employment tribunal for equal pay for work of equal value.

Analytical schemes

These offer greater objectivity in assessment as the jobs are broken down in detail, and are the ones most often used by organizations. Examples of analytical schemes include Points Rating and Factor Comparison.

Points Rating

This is the most commonly used method. The key elements of each job, which are known as 'factors', are identified by the organisation and then broken down into components. Each...

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