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Hrm Journal Essay

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“Ensure the success of your business through effective human resources strategies”

As Baird and Meshoulam (1998) remark “Business objectives are accomplished when human resource practice, procedures and systems are developed and implemented based on organisational needs, that is, when a strategic perspective to human resource management is adopted.” (Armstrong, M.,2008, pg 33) . This journal will explore on the principals of human resource management, analysis of its concepts, models and framework. Explanation of HRM process and build up of strategies. The journal ends with an assessment of roles in strategic HRM.
Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) can be defined as the way ...view middle of the document...

2005). The mode recommended that, the human assets working in an organization should be treated as resource which are cheaply available and used to the maximum, so that organizational goals are attained and employees are committed. Harvard model argues that the rules of human resources are influenced by:-
a) Situational factors :- the creation of HR policies will be restricted by internal and external factors of an organization like , labor market conditions, societal values, business strategies, technologies, management philosophies and market conditions.
b) Stakeholders interests :- short term HRM policies are influenced by stake holders which include ,management employees, unions and government agencies.

The policy and practice of this HRM model can be divided into four themes such as i) HR flows ii) Reward systems iii) Employee influence iv) Work systems, and these practices help to achieve short term objectives like i) Commitment ii)Competence iii)cost effectiveness iv) Congruence. ( Kandula, 2004)

This model helps the HR managers to form policies for an organization. The model states that the policies of HRM should be made keeping in mind the environmental factors and stakeholders’ concern. Employee commitment, competence development, coherence among themselves and cost effective methods, such goals should be achieved with the help of HRM policies and practices. HRM policies based on environmental factor and based on four C’s will be beneficial for employee and organizational effectiveness.( Kandula, 2004)

The David Guest Model
The David Guest Model was propound by David Guest in 1987, is combination of hard and soft approach of HRM. There are 4 components that Guest purposes, which strengthens the organisational effectiveness. They are as follows:-
a) Strategic Integration: - the ability of an organisation to maintain a healthy relation between HR strategy and business strategy, so that the organisation may reach its goals. Strategic integration represents the hard side of Guest model; this is due to the fact that human resources are treated like any other resource so that business objectives are attained.
b) Flexibility: - flexibility is connected with the skill of an organisation and its people to get use to the changing business and work environment and to the capacity to manage innovation. Flexibility is not only linked to achieve business objectives but also to treat the employees as fairly as possible.
c) High commitment :- this is related with behavioural commitment ,which is an ability to go an extra mile and attitudinal commitment revealing strong identification with the organisation
d) Quality: - quality is based on the supposition that high quality goods and services are the result of managing people in an effective way.
(Armstrong and Baron,2002).

Importance of HRM in Organizations’
HRM is very important to an organization in various ways, ranging from strategic planning to company...

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