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Hrm In The Journal Of Ojt

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I had a great experience throughout the period of the training. My co-trainees, the whole staff of the restaurant and I shared many precious moments that made my whole training not only insightful but memorable as well.

We had hard times, with my classmates Jenny, Joy and I, searching and submitting our resumes to the restaurants in Glorietta 3, finally the restaurant DADS Ultimate Buffet includes Kamayan and Saisaki accepted as to be their trainee. We were so happy that time for at last our hard time was over. The assistant supervisor, Mr. Nel Santos interviewed us and at the same time state the requirements we had to pass but my classmate joy couldn’t be able to come with us for some reason. After complying the ...view middle of the document...

In the next day, I woke up at 9:30 in the morning and that time I was thinking if I can survive doing these things for almost 2 months. My second day became more horrible than my first because my co-trainees as well as the other staffs were a bit irritable. The days gone by and in stages I mastered and memorized almost the whole operation of the restaurant.

I was actually assigned at almost every sections of the restaurant. Busting out, taking orders, serving foods in dining area and of course I also experience handling customer complaints but I learned that when it comes to guests complaints you shouldn’t just cry instead you have to entertain complaints nicely you have to show the guests and make them feel that you are willing to served and fix the problem. And of course I also encounter positive guest comments and experiences; I actually had regular customers, praised by customers by the way I served them and complimented by some because of visual aspect.
In Yakimono which was my favorite section. Yakimono is meant to be the grilling station in Japanese restaurants. I was just taking the order of the guest then pass it to the cook, who I used to call “tatay” and the one who grills the foods. It’s mind blowing when huge number of guests are ordering. But I learned to stay in steadiness of mind under pressure.
In wiping station of the plates. A plate weighs 1 kilogram and imagine I was wiping 1 and a half thousand plates a day and did it for almost 1 week. But the hard work as worthy for I made friendship with the chief cook of DADS kitchen.
I was assigned as well in buffet section of the restaurant. Work description in this section is to just refill foods in area.
In the station table of Saisaki. I was assigned on this rea during mother’s day

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