Hrm Case Of Accenture Essay

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Case 1
1. How does the Accenture People site help Accenture better serve its customers?
By creating social networking site such as Accenture People site will definitely be very helpful for organization to provide efficient service. First, employees would able to access massive information on line in real-time matter to exchange information on work tasks and professional knowledge. Second, a world-wide company such as Accenture can use the site on speeding up their productivities on work procedures and decision making. Third, when there is a problem need to be solved, anyone who works in the company can get on the site and ask for immediate assistances. Above all, when employees use the ...view middle of the document...

Case 2
1. How would you describe Professional Products growth strategy?
When an organization expands oversea like Professional Products, strategies of operations, decision-making and problem solving also need to adjust in order to fit global market. It is for no doubt that new technology plays a crucial role on this matter. Outsourcing is an inevitable strategy to reduce the product cost; however it also brings out the problem of unemployment, in particular in the domestic market. In the case, the upper management of Professional Products seems keep human capital in mind and makes the promise on keeping their employee. As we studied earlier in the chapter, no matter how advance the technology it is, people who manage machines or technologies are more important. Therefore, their expanded strategies are ideal but practical.
2. Why would Professional Products commit to no layoffs in its expansion? Is this a positive move or could it be detrimental to the company?
In the organization, HRM needs to make good efforts on obtaining a set of competencies. By committing to their employees of no layoffs during expansion, HRM practice their ability on...

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