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Hrm Business Essay

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BUSI 1475

Class: Intake 7; Student ID: 00013526
Student Name: Le Thi Minh Hien
Lecturer: Bryan Tran
Course: Contemporary Issues in Management
In the orgnization’s today, managing employee is very important . If a organization want to developp, they need a good manager. Based on Shivarudrappa (2010), Human resource management are playing the role that the manager employ, educate, pick out and develop contributory for an organization. He also told us that HRM is making and implementation plan for all staff and operations of the company. So the role of HRM is very important for the development of each organization.To complete the task, HRM is the lead right from the ...view middle of the document...

So, this leads to dissatisfaction of employees in the company.According to Afshan et al (2011) literature review, satisfaction and dedication of the staff is the first element of a successful organization.So, not only selected based on staff capacity, but also to consider their actions, attitudes and loyalty.Not only a good selection and recruitment, HR manager must also have the skills to plan strategies. In Bulla and Scott (1994) research, human resource planning is to identify recruitment needs of enterprises and set up the recruitment plan..
The case study of the Air National has proven that strategic planning is a very important factor that can help the company survive. Furthermore, it is recognized as one of the most important skills for an HR manager to become successful or efficient (Sait and Ibrahim, 2011). The study was conducted by Clark and Fujimoto (1991) stressed that the strategic plan to significantly improve the quality, speed and productivity.In addition, strategic planning and management support to achieve goals by developing, implementing and evaluating decisions (David, 2003). All these factors gave us the difficulty in conducting plan without specific planning.Moreover, in the case study underscores that network executives Air National has not done a good plan. So, the second CEO had set out a plan and have overcome difficulties. One of the benefits of strategic planning decisions. Henry (1994) asserts that the plan must be set up carefully not happen then difficult to plan. HR Director from albion drink is an example of is ignorance and the wrong decision leads to undesirable consequences.Moreover, the main problem stems from the HR director but from the CEO because they do not know how to use staff. Therefore, strategic planning determines the success of an organization. However, the good strategic planning is difficult, it requires a complicated process and takes a lot of time to perform (Lawler and Ledford, 1992). So, mastering leadership skills can help HR managers easier to make a good strategic plan.
The Harrods’s case study shows that human resource management is a valuable process responsible for human development in the workplaceTherefore, the manager must have sufficient skills to perform these steps: recruitment and selection, performance and development.Recruitment and selection is the most important step, Audi said that the selection of good staff is an important first step. All Audi Centre has a comprehensive recruitment services including file his role, consulting, recruitment advertising, interviewing and selection assessment center. Audi has done a good job recruiting and selection step because the management and human resources management directly know how to support each other to achieve common goalsThe initial success of Audi is recruiting highly qualified staff and they can work as a team, develop their abilities to become part of the brand. To complete the three steps above, and KakkonenAntila...

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